Monday, February 14, 2011

fame will not control us

tonight is a great night for a glass of wine or a gin and tonic. alas, no drinking in feb for me. people keep saying that it was smart of me to pick the shortest month. of course, i didnt even think of that. but if i had, that would've been smart. i'm at home, alone (woo hoo!), eating indian food and watching the grammys. actually, i recorded the grammys and now i'm watching bones to get caught up before my trip tomorrow. then i have to wash the dishes and pack for my trip. i was going to clean my room, too, but i went in to the office and was there for a few hours. so i have not been able to enjoy my empty apartment as much as i would've liked. what if my flight were cancelled tomorrow?? that would be AWESOME.

ok, i'm back on the grammy. overall, i ended up liking the bones episode. and after this i'm gonna watch mr. sunshine. has anyone seen that/ anyone want to? who is this band on the grammys right now? i've never heard this song. some lead singer dude with two guitar necks and a back up guy with a brown/red guitar. and pictures above them falling. and the drummer looks bored. fame will not control us or something like that. they KIND of remind me of afi. a more mellow version. i might be bordering on liking them.

anyway, so busy day today (sunday - even though i'm posting on monday). oh. muse is the name of that group. who has heard of them? so back to today. i got up later than i planned, ran to a workout class. did that for an hour (or, rather, "attempted" that for an hour). went home, stopped at starbucks, had breakfast, left to go get a zipcar to pick up my little sister, was TOTALLY late, rushed, drove the zipcar out of the parking garage with the parking break ON (couldn't figure out how to turn it off) until i got out of the garage and then i could call zipcar for them to tell me how to do it, got stuck in traffic in chinatown, zooomed down the highway, picked up my little, went to pick up skates at the skate club of bosotn, then over to the newton skate school for her lesson (boy its tough having kids!), watched her lesson, rushed her home to her parents, dropped off the car, went to work for a few hours, took a cab home, went to cvs, got dinner and came home. its been a crazy day. who is this bruno mars guy? i've heard of him before. NOT what i expected him to look like.

ok, so i forgot what i was going to write about. i think i'm going to buy the janelle monae cd. she's cool.


  1. I've heard of Muse... they have a song on guitar hero. Bruno mars' cd is pretty good