Sunday, November 7, 2010

the rain

so just a quick post because i am dead tired and want to go to bed. i'm beat. had a fun day with my friend gidget in town today. i'm going to write about it later because it was a pretty interesting end to the weekend. since she left around 6pm, i did some stuff online and then sat on my bed to stretch my back and promptly fell asleep. i'm up now watching dexter - LOVE whatshisface from eli stone. its finally getting good for the season. its been a slow buildup.

anyway, thought i'd put this picture up here because its very pretty and i'm living vicariously through my little brother. this is where he is right now. it makes me want to go back to mexico. or the caribbean. and i really didnt think i would think that. tropical beaches aren't really my thing, but looking at this i'm thinking maybe they are.

it's raining. a lot. and its meant to rain for 2 more days, which is not good. i have a ton of packages i need to mail and i have no desire to drag them out in the rain. i guess i won't mail them until wed morning or so...

oh, also. i got a flu shot on fri and i have this big red welt on my upper arm and its sore and swollen. is that normal 2 days later?


  1. Sounds like a minor adverse reaction. It should get better every day. Tylenol will help. Is my advice ok Eric?

  2. Yeah yeah yeah... Mom's solution to everything, "take some ibs or tylenol"

  3. I wasn't about to raise wussy children. :)