Saturday, November 6, 2010

basket case

stupid internets. stupid small worded disclosures. "video stream will not include audio commentary." the worst 7 words of the day!! so its 2:03pm on saturday and i'm trying to watch player's basketball game. the mauraders are in northern iowa playing some team that wears purple. my brothers' school isn't showing the game, so i click on the opponents website and find that i can pay $9.95 to watch the game. i sign up. there's no sound despite the fact that i did the test video and there WAS sound. TURNS OUT there is a stupid disclosure that points out that there will be no audio commentary. so i'm watching a game with no sound. annoying. grrr. GRRR!! and i was meant to send an email to homie telling him all about the game because he left for his honeymoon today(!!). i'm really excited for them - i hope they enjoy it. they're in cabo.

so its in the 2nd half of the game and i have been so intent on actually LISTENING to the game that i have missed most of the video. i have been cruising through the uni website clicking on dozens of radio stations trying to find the game online. i just texted my mom and asked her to find the radio station there that is broadcasting the game. she texted back 1540, which i find online and had actually been on their website before. i go back. can't find the "listen now" button so i call the radio station to ask how to listen and the guy tells me they dont stream. they. don't. STREAM. can you believe that?? thats totally wild to me!

ok. its 20-37. we just hit a 3 to hopefully get back inthe game. its actually really hard to watch the game because they have this bar at the top of the screen showing the score and time left and it COVERS THE BASKETS. its really frustrating. i can tell when the other team scores because their cheerleaders jump up. but i can't tell when we score (granted, we're not doing a ton of it) until the scoreboard changes. grr.

so anyway, thats my day for today. i got up early and ran errands. ran home and showered then met bubby for brunch. now i'm "watching" the game and then a quick nap before i get up to clean my very very messy room. i have to head in to the office to get a lot done before i meet my friend gidget for dinner. then she is staying with me tonight and we are going to a movie. tomorrow i think we'll have brunch and then go to the mfa. tomorrow night - relaxation!

back to finish watching the game...


  1. Wow I can't believe they made you pay 10 bucks to watch an exhibition game... dumb... not to mention no commentary or online radio stream... (ass backwards)

  2. YES! back asswords! the things i do for my brothers!

  3. eric, she is not dumb, she just loves her brother so much. Well, at least 10 bucks worth.