Thursday, November 11, 2010


bonus for you today! i'm on a flight from bos to dtw, and just woke up from a nap. thought i'd write because 1) i can and 2) its starting to bother me that many people have scoffed at the fact that alcohol affected me so much yesterday because of my massage. so heretofore, let me produce evidence for all you naysayers:

From the website massage masters:

Things You Should Do

  • It is important to drink lots of water. Massage stimulates the lymphatic system which in turn helps pull toxins from the body. These toxins need to be flushed from the system and water is the best way to do that.

  • Take a nice bath and put two cups of white or apple cider vinegar in your bath water. Drinking a good amount of water (32 oz bottle is great) has been reported to aid in removing the toxins. This helps prevent any stiffness or soreness, especially if you had a particularly deep-tissue massage.

  • Relax and enjoy and let your body re-learn what it is like to be relaxed.

  • Put yourself in a good sleeping position when going to bed as you will likely sleep very deeply.

  • If anything is concerning you or you have questions, be sure to email or call!

Things You Should NOT Do

  • Do not drink alcohol. This removes water from the system and can actually intensify the effects of the alcohol.

  • Do not plan heavy duty activities as you will feel great and you will want to maintain this.

  • Do not nap on the couch as you will likely sleep much longer than anticipated and can create soreness from the uncomfortable position.
Another website about tranquility:

Alcohol and Massage

I will not do a massage if you are intoxicated.

If you've had two drinks before the massage it may feel like six afterwards. Conventional wisdom is that we will be flushing your body's toxins out of your muscles and into the blood, thus overwhelming your liver's ability to cope with the increased level of alcohol.

At first this may sound like a pleasant side-effect, but I'm told it's more like an early hangover.

Massage increases blood flow; therefore drinking is a contraindication.

If you're not sure about whether it's safe to get a massage, please call me and we'll discuss it. I want you to feel wonderful when you leave my office.

just look it up online and you'll find tons of sources that echo this sentiment: massage = body - toxins and doesn't mix with alcohol. so there. now go out and get a massage, but don't drink!!


  1. i've never gotten a massage and had alcohol. what is dwt?

  2. I had a massage then went to work as well. I had to lift a picnic table and the edge of it pressed into my forearms. I had 2 good sized bruises almost immediately after this that were quite sore. Massages do strange things!

  3. dwt i think is Detroit. And I stand corrected.