Saturday, November 20, 2010

don't put yourself in the garbage

so its saturday night. in november. you know what that means... basketball!!! and not just any basketball, player basketball! so fun.

so my parents and younger brother, homie, headed to bismarck to watch player play. in case you can't guess by my excitement, we won. 76-69 (or something like that...) maybe 75. i guess we scored the first 6 points and then didn't score again until after they scored 12 (oops!). i say "i guess" because i missed the first part of the game chatting with a friend online who is in australia. we were video conferencing, so i couldnt do both. anyway, it was really fun to watch even if jack michaels wasn't there. :) AND, for the record, homie: i DID listen last week, but not to jack. i listened to the video, remember? we talked about that at the time...

the other day, umarysports posted a video interviewing a bunch of the transfer students. they talk about how great the senior leadership (hint: my brother is a senior) is. here's the video:

but really now that i think about it, you want the video that shows my brother talking. he's the tall white kid with blue shoes. oh wait. that's not very distinctive. he's the one with the same last name as me. :)

but really, before i go to bed, i thought i would leave a little present for my little brothers. i am sure they, and hopefully you, will find this hilarious (from gawker):