Saturday, November 20, 2010

alpha beta gaga

i have a sister now. did you know that? they (she and my brother, homie) got married during my blogging sabbatical, so i haven't really written about it (for which i am sure they are glad), but i def want to. some day. in any case, one thing i'm really looking forward to is making more money so that i can take my 3 siblings on lots of really cool trips. i love to travel and i think its great to see the world. so i've decided to write posts just for her so she can start to get excited about all the places to go. woo hoo!

my family visited me when i lived in france ... holy crap. 8 years ago. eek! and we went to london. so this picture is fabulous:

this is one of my FAVORITE cities in the world. or rather, two cities? buda and pest. LOVE it (them).

and then of course. THE city. paris. gay paris. this picture (where all these pictures are from) is not my favorite of paris, but i do love it.

in any case, thought i'd share some photos of cities i love. what are your favorite cities? or where would you like to go?

[song from air's cd talkie walkie]


  1. both places are great! we should meet in chicago sometime.

  2. great idea! I will move there one of these days...