Thursday, August 26, 2010

mama said knock you out

another busy few days - especially at work. i've been at work until 7 the past two days. tonight i am for sure leaving before that - i have drinks with a friend at 5 and then an appointment at the apple store to get my laptop fixed (been in one two many bar room brawls lately) at 7. i also have to pick up the veg today, so i will be lugging around vegetables and flowers after work. maybe the flowers will stay at work one day...

oh. the workers just got here. we are having our patio redone because it keeps flooding. they just poured water down some hole - i'm guessing to see if it worked. looks like it did.

i am making leftover pizza for breakfast - mmm mmm. does a body good. they had pizza at work yesterday and i was craving my favorite pizza (barbeque chicken from canestaros), so i had some last night. i recently saw this article on tipping and i have some issues with it. does one REALLY need to tip when you pick up your own food at a restaurant? i understand tipping delivery people, totally, 100%. but when you pick up your own food? i do it half the time, depending on my mood, because i think its expected, but i don't really know if i agree with it. whats the purpose? because they put the food in the bag for you? but isn't that their job? and aren't you saving the restaurant money because you're not taking up space and they can then serve more people (and make more money)? hmmm....

last night i went to a fundraiser for the governor of MA. my roommate is involved in some way. i only stayed an hour. i think i got there before any of the fun stuff happened because it was kind of boring. but, they got my money. i'm sure thats all they really wanted.

what other random stuff is going on?

apparently there is a hurricane danielle somewhere out there. the other day, i sent this article to my roommate "hurricane danielle strengthens to category 2 storm." i thought it was funny. he replied back "sounds like a status update on my life." mwhahaha. (this was when i got back from fargo). as cool as it is to have a hurricane, i really hope its not destructive. i took a look at cnn and it seems to be ending...? that's good. i can't imagine women named katrina don't hear a lot of jokes about that. and i bet not a lot of people are naming kids katrina these days. wait. . so maybe i DO want hurricane danielle to be bad. i hate it when people have my same name... maybe destructive to something that is already gone... i dont want to hurt anyone, of course.

did you guys know there is a new 100 dollar note? its kind of interesting. i was watching this video on the features and its kind of crazy.

i DO like that our money is more colorful. it doesn't have to not be a green-back, but its nice to not be so boring (my european friends always make fun of me). the video says if you accept a counterfeit bill, you lose out. don't accept fake 100s!

oh! this is great. a new survey says that 25% of men who travel for business do so with a stuffed animal. isn't that great? who here travels with a stuffed animal?? come on, admit it...

and finally, for your enjoyment. for problem solving. its fun.
et voila. c'est tout pour aujourd'hui.

[song by ll cool j. just cause]


  1. I agree with you on tipping when you pick up food. Who are you really tipping? Because at that point you should really be tipping the cook and not the hostess who took your money and handed the bag to you. Dumb. I hardly ever tip and I get annoyed that the slip you fill out has a tip line. They should just get rid of the tip line for to-go orders.

  2. Yes I would agree. I want a stack of 100 dollar bills. Who's donating?

  3. Your great aunt is quite amused that there is a hurricane named danielle!