Sunday, August 29, 2010

DJ (I Could Be Dancing)

greetings! happy sunday. bleh. my least favorite day of the week! i'm actually at work right now because i dropped off my laptop at the apple store on thursday night (laptop got into a brawl at a bar and had to be repaired) and haven't gotten it back yet. actually, that makes it sound like i came in just to blog, but thats not true. i actually came in to get a lot of work stuff done. i plan to be here au moins 4 hours. i've got a TON of stuff to do, and i'm actually looking forward to doing most of it. i just want to get it DONE and i never seem to have time during the day.

decent weekend so far. friday night... what did i do? oh i went to a movie. alone. dinner for schmucks. which was ... ok. decent. there were a few laugh out loud parts. but i liked the original version better (its french with a very sexy french actor - le herve or something). i went home and caught up a bit on my dvr. tons of stuff recorded from when i was gone. yesterday i got up early and went for a bikeride. i cleaned my room - its SUPER organized now. i LOVE my closet. it almost makes me not want to get anything out of it its so nice. and i watched towelhead, which was a really good movie. i liked it a lot. i def recommend it to people. its about the coming of age of an arab-american girl in the 80s (when the first bush invaded iraq). [dave - you should tell me if it passes the test. i can't remember.]

last night, my roomie had a friend over and made a DELICIOUS dinner - some pulled bbq chicken with corn and onions on a bun with a side of salsa (i've never eaten salsa alone!) and carmelized carrots. delish. we had some drinks and they went out. i did more stuff in my room and started to organize all my books. it makes me want to read more. maybe i'll give up TV for a week or something and try reading more.

this morning we went to starbucks and hung out (and i read!) and now i am at work. i think tonight we'll watch the emmy's. who else is watching? i have two bets with people to see who picks the most winners. i will probably lose. i always suck at things like this.

my brother's bachelor party was this weekend in bismarck. my mom and i commented today that we didn't get a call from the police, so that's a good sign!

well, i have to get going at work. thought you might enjoy this new video that my friend sent me (oh, it might be old - idk. but its new to me). its a fun, upbeat song. and makes me want to dance. maybe tonight during the emmys??

[song by alphabeat - fun name! and the girl is SO CUTE!]


  1. Tell me, why didn't Survivor get nominated? Does it suck?

  2. No. Survivor does not suck. And Jimmy Johnson is on this season. That should be interesting.

    I thought Jimmy Fallon did pretty good on the Emmy's but the comments as actors were walking up to get there awards were supposed to be funny and no one laughed.