Wednesday, July 28, 2010

so confused!!!

ok, something WEIRD is TOTALLY going on... i'm "online" kind of... but not really. i have NO SIGNAL on my mac and whenever i turn on my computer, it asks me to join a network, but all the networks have passwords (which i dont have), so i dont join. instead, i go to the apple store to get my internet for free. (i'm in paris, btw, not sure when i'll post this, so just an fyi for context). and because i don't have internet in my apartment, i have been pulling up websites while in the apple store, and then just keeping my computer on, but shut, while i walk home and then pull them up when i'm in m apartment. as soon as i lift the monitor, it asks me again what internet service i want to connect to (i cliekc "cancel") and then i do my work offfline. HOWEVER, a few odd things have happened today:
  1. i open up my computer back at the apartment hours after i have been at the apple store and i plug in my headphones. there is a song playing over and over and over again. i a) dont know where this song has come from and b) have never heard the song before. i look at itunes, and according to the main bar, there is nothing playing in itunes. i play a quick video and the video plays, but there is no noise. ??? so i close itunes. the song continues playing. i shut my computer and then open it again. the song continues. i finally realize that its a dopey love song from my friend's wedding website. i close the tab in firefox and the song stops playing. i thought i wasn't online! but then i figure i must've somehow, without knowing, downloaded some sort of plug in that allowed it to keep playing.
  2. i'm on another site reading an article and i realized there is an advertisement that keeps playing over and over again. how is this possible?
  3. a few minutes later, i am taking notes on an article i have read and i pull up this site that has top list of different things or whatever. you have to click "next" to see the next items in the list, so i initially think that its not going to work so i just write the header down for later for me to return to it. then i close the tab. by chance, i happen to click "next" on one slide and ... the slide pops up! even though i am NOT on the internet... so i go back and open the tabs that i had closed, and a few of them come up! its really really bizarre.
why is this working? is it kind of LEAKING a teeny bit of internet connection? i'm so confused! i'm going to try posting this and if you see it on tues night, it means that it posted despite me NOT being online (according to my little "signal" thing and the fact that none of my podcasts download). AND no one sees me online... so wierd!! anyone know whats going on??

[editor's note: wrote this on monday night and was not able to post it, so am posting it on wednesday when i'm back in the apple store able to use the internet.]


  1. ALL of that is cached somewhere on your computer.
    i.e. It IS already downloaded to your computer, so it doesn't need to go to the internet to play the song, or view the file. The "next" button probably isn't an entirely separate page, but just content already downloaded on the page and hidden until user action, in this case, you clicking "Next".

  2. homie, you're so smaht! i might take advantage of this idea today...