Thursday, July 29, 2010

at last...

so... if all goes well today (thursday), i am at the castle above... the lieu (place) where my friend is having the reception for her marriage. yippee! yes, you can all feel jealous now. but not really of me. or, if you are jealous of me, only be jealous that i have friends who have weddings at castles in france. because its not like *i* am ever going to have a wedding at a castle in france... for more info on the place, click here. the french government doesn't actually honor religious weddings, so they are TECHNICALLY already married (from a legal standpoint) because they had the justice of the peace wedding last month. but this is the "church" wedding to which everyone was invited. it is being held at an irish church in paris (found here). then afterwards, a friend is driving a few of us out to the chateau. it should be interesting... i'll take lots of photos and whatnot.

all this wedding talk and helping out and whatnot (this is my 2nd of 3 weddings this year!) always gets me to think about my wedding... and then... there is always this blank. i can't really picture it. i dont think, aside from jonathan brandis, i have ever thought about getting married. or really believed that i actually would. so its hard for me to think "i want this, and it has to be here, and i want that,, and these are the people i would invite..." etc. the only thing i have thought about is who would be in the bridal party, but... now that i have seen how bridal parties affect people, i dont know that i even want one. plus, i think its hard when your friends are all over the place. and i feel like there is a lot of tradition in weddings and i just dont really feel like i'm a very traditional person. i understand them for what they are, but at the same time, i dont really ever follow any of them. but hopefully this will be a beautiful weding, with little drama (there are only 48 people, including the bride and groom!), and lots of fun! on verra. je t'expliquerai plus tard (SI c'est bon!).

so what wedding details do you love?

[ultimate romantic song, in my opinion, "at last" by etta james]


  1. The castle looks alot like the Leroy Hall where your Dad and I had our wedding dance. :)

  2. You guys had your wedding dance in Leroy? Amazing!