Friday, July 9, 2010

seize the day

its friday!!! wooo hooo!!

in honor of friday, i thought i'd post this AWESOME mashup combining two fabulous things: newsies and lady gaga! how great is this??

what are your plans for the weekend? for me... not sure. sunday i leave for sac for a week (until fri) and therefore i have to go to napa and pick up a whole bunch of wine... and i want to be going swimming and other fun stuff to keep cool in sac. oh, but for this weekend, i guess i should hit up the gym. and do some rambling. and keep cool. and... idk. some more stuff

[seize the day is from the newsies soundtrack written by none other than the great alan menken]


  1. It's Friday already? I hate it when I lose whole days like this. Hope you can keep cool today, sweetie.

  2. oops! meant for this to go up tomorrow, but since you've commented already it won't let me change the date. thanks a lot! :)

  3. I'm glad my sister is so smart... Anyways, I'm going home tomorrow and then the Cities on Saturday! woohoo

  4. i can't help it if i can't read a calendar!

  5. I, too, was wondering if it was Friday already in Boston. I was mega jealous. For being a bright girl that was kinda dumb. ha.