Thursday, July 8, 2010

happy phantom

the thing i like and equally dislike about summer is the fact that there are rarely any good tv shows on. i LOVE wipeout, so that is fun that its on every week in the summer (drink while you watch it, its hil-arious!), but other than that... meh. i guess dexter starts at the end of summer. thats good. but that's practically fall and until then...

people often tell me i watch too much tv. BUT, in fact, i don't watch as much as you'd think. 1) i don't watch commercials and 2) i dont' watch episodes i've already seen and 3) vh1 celebreality is crap now, so that cuts down like 5 hours a week. so there. and other than that crap, i actually watch really engrossing, well scripted shows (vs. reality shows - bleh). for example, i LOVED arrested development. and apparently there will not be a movie. sad. but here is a fun mashup for you to enjoy:

i found it here.

AND i am quite pleased because i found this article on this happiness site that i read about how watching tv - wait for it - actually makes people happy! by that logic, i should be watching it ALL THE TIME. maybe i can get paid to watch tv. hmmm.... i think they have jobs that do that. its called a critic. maybe thats not so interesting... anyway, the article is here if you want tips on how to enjoy tv watching (or not feel guilty about it!)

my favorite shows over the years include (in no particular order):
  1. Arrested Development
  2. OZ - FABULOUS SHOW (the show is just called "Oz" but I'm really excited about it)
  3. Alias (although my roommate keeps telling me i dont remember enough about it
  4. Seinfeld
  5. SATC
  6. modern family
  7. wipeout (duh!)
  8. family feud (i'm convinced my family should go on against my friend whitnee's family)
  9. miami vice (really good)
  10. dexter
  11. weeds
hmmm... i'm sure i'm forgetting some. what are some of your favorites?

[happy phantom is a song by tori amos because tv makes me happy]


  1. oh yeah, i meant to put a link to some interesting articles on boingboing explaining tv...

  2. You pushed so hard for me to get into How I Met Your Mother and you don't even get it on the list.

  3. a) I'm totally with you on only 3 of those shows... Alias, Modern Family, Weeds.
    b) You make it sound like I keep telling you that you don't remember enough about Alias, and that's WHY you like it so much. But, in reality, I reference it almost every day, and you just stare at me blankly, saying "you know i don't remember anything from that show, right?"
    c) I think it would be hysterical if you were a tv critic, but then I'm pretty sure you'd never leave the apartment.

  4. lol. you're right, player, i knew i was forgetting a lot.

    12. himym

  5. 13. chuck

    how could i forget?? (et tu, higgs!)

  6. Hello? How can you not mention The Office.