Friday, July 2, 2010

plus haut

for some fun, i thought i'd put up some videos for the day.

first, a video of this group that i LOVED while i was in france - what for. they were formed on a tv competition show called la nouvelle star or pop star or something like that. these were the four finalists and they became a pop group that had 2 hit singles, a good album (in my pop-minded mind, of course) and then they broke up. this song was super popular and i randomly listened to it and then had to find the video.


secondly, one of my FAVORITE abdc dances. just check out their aerobatic and flexible moves by quest crew


  1. Oddly enough, that 2nd video is the only dance I've ever seen on that show (Adam made me watch it). Very cool!

  2. The song in the first video didn't seem too bad but I didn't like the music video. Of course that flip over the people is still sick.