Tuesday, July 27, 2010

leave me, lying here

oh my goodness. its been q loooong fez dqys. ok. interesting. iùm in qn qpple store in pqris. qnd its been q long ti,e since i used q french keyboqrd: its kind of qnnoying:

apple store. that is zhere i am. i came here, not because i missed all things american but because i forgot my charger. actually, that is not qt qll true:

ok, i'm back on my own computer. i started that (above) earlier this week at the apple store on a french computer, with a funny keyboard, but now i am back at the apple store with my own computer and can type (mostly) normally. i'm sitting on the floor and there are people sitting above and next to me. i think they're reading my typing.

so anyway, the time that i am here now is monday afternoon, early evening. i have been in paris for a few days and already have done a ton of stuff that i have never done before, so that is fun. my friend elaine and i are staying in the 6th arrondisement on a super cute street with TONS of restos, bars, and shops. i'll take a picture later and post it. i should also take a picture of our apartment. its super super small. its like... well i dontknow. but since its so small (AND NO INTERNET) it makes it SUPER expensive, which is annoying. but i think tonight we're going to stay in, cook dinner, watch a movie on my laptop and get some value out of our money. oh, actually, i just found our apartment online. here it is. cute, n'est-ce pas?

oh. i also did something very bad today. i bought a bag. yes, i know, my weakness. i shouldnt' have even entered the store! but i DO love mandarina duck, and i just happened to be in paris during les soldes (the national twice-annual sales events) and well... it was 50% off. so... it was fate. it won't let me paste the picture in here, so here is another link for you of what i just paid way too much for. don't worry, i'll get a night job on the corner of my street. :) it looks waaay better in person and will be FAB-u-LOUS for work.

so yeah, this morning, elaine and i went to mandarina duck to get my purse (it was actually a part birthday gift from her, so thanks dear) and then we went to ile st. louis, which, can you believe i have NEVER been to?? its one of the two islands in the river int he middle of paris. i had never been. so now i have. we walked around a little and then went to berthillon which has like, apparently, the best ice cream in the world. i was told by a friend that we shouldn't go to the actual berthillon, but eat at the resto across the street and then get ice cream there. so we did that. i got mackeral, which i have had before and definitely like. i've just never had it cooked so the whole thing is there except the head. it was kind of surprising. i had to filet my own fish. then we walked across the river to the ile de la cite and walked past notre dame (which doesnt impress me) and over to sainte chapelle church, which my aforementioned friend recommended we go to. but there was a MASSIVE queue, so we decided to make reservations for wed morning to go. oh, that reminds me, i have to make reservations for that while i am here with internet...

ok, that sucked. its 9.5euro to go online, but only 8 if you stand in line. and now i'm wondering what happens if i dont have a printout.... hmmmm. i guess we'll just go stand in line. but i do have to get tickets to go to reims demain... holy crap! ca coute cher pour aller a reims! it's expensive to go to reims! like over 100 euros... i'm not sure i'm super interested in that anymore... i'll have to check with elaine when i get back to the apart. i guess you won't know what i do until later since i'm going to post this on tuesday and that is the day i'm meant to go to reims or not.... dum dum dum.

so whats new in the US since i've left?

[leave me, lying here, cause i dont wanna go... lyrics from veruca salt's 8 arms to hold you album "volcano girls"]


  1. big storms in Fargo overnight. I hope you get to go to Reims. That will bring back some memories, eh?

  2. yeah, would've brought back memories. we didn't go to reims. BUT since it'll save me $120, elaine has allowed me to buy $120 worth of jewelry!!

  3. oh good... i hope you also buy another jewelry cabinet to house it all in! and hooray for your briefcase/bag/purse thing. you're insane. also, i've introduced you to FAR too many of my south end friends and associates... there's no way i'm allowing you to work the corner near our apartment. you're going to have to head back down by your old place. or over by foodies. that might be okay. :)

  4. higgs - good call. i wouldn't want to hurt your future political career. i'll work down the street. and i MAY not get the jewelry... we'll see today.