Monday, July 26, 2010

hotel california

so i've added another fun link to the "time enhancers" section... i love the liveplasma site, which i haven't looked at in YEARS, but now that i thought of it the other day and went back to it, i love it even more! its a site that amalgamates sales of artists, music, movies, etc and then tells you what people who bought those items have also bought. for example, eminem is closely related to 50 cent. which makes sense, eh? so i put in my favorites (garbage, kevin spacey) and find stuff that i already know or new stuff to check out.

who are your favorites? any surprises when you put them in?

this all came up because my coworker who sits next to me was listening to a radio station and i kept asking, "who do you like between ___ and ___?" i think it started with billy joel. i asked what his favorite billy joel song was then he asked who i liked better between billy and elton john. so i thought we'd do a little poll in the comments section and everyone can fill in in the comments:

billy joel or elton john?

the monkees or the beatles (ok, probably not a fabulous comparison, but who has heard of the turtles?? if so, the monkees vs. the turtles?)

bruce springstein or huey lewis? (again, not totally same realm, BUT i associate them together because they both played the same kind of music when i was growing up in the 80s - wildly different after then, but i still consider them the same)

the eagles or the stones?

i'll comment on my own in the comments...

[hotel california is arguably one of the most popular eagles hits. my favorite, however, is life in the fast lane]


  1. Billy Joel, the Beatles, don't have a favorite of the other ones.

  2. i might go with elton because i like his newer stuff. and probably the monkees although the beatles are growing on me. and i love the turtles. and i obviously love huey lewis and.... hmm... not sure on eagles or stones. i love love LOVE life in the fast lane. i also love paint it black (but not as much)...

  3. Billy Joel, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Buffett or any other singer/songwriter.

  4. Billy Joel, The Beatles, Bruce and probably the Rolling Stones although I have seen the Eagles twice and really liked them. I saw the Rolling Stones once, but I had the flu and would have enjoyed them more had I been well.