Monday, May 10, 2010

tell her about it

whew. what a weekend. i'm really sorry its over. i've been uber productive, but didn't get nearly enough done. take today, for instance. i wanted to write a post about my mom, in honor of mothers day. but i went to work and work has blocked blogger. what the hey. (or would that be hay?) and then i got home and i can't really think of what to say. i wanted to write a fabulous post about some great story about my mom, but i can't really think of one in particular because everything about her is fabulous. :) and i just write about whatever we do whenever we do it, so... happy mothers day, mom! love ya lots.

anyway, this is my last weekend in sacramento. i caught up on reading, movies, etc. i started packing, but didn't finish. oh, i joined a gym. ha. just kidding. not really. i really did join a gym, but only to the extent that i have a free one-week pass. i went to the gym a few times and went swimming for an hour yesterday. i went in to work today to get some work done. i did yoga. i wanted to blog more, but didn't get a chance to do that.

tomorrow will be super busy at work. we have to do post auction prep. then i am going to leave early to head to san fran to see my friend who is heading to asia for a few months. i hope to get back not-too-late so i can go swimming again. i love me some swimming. i guess tuesday i'll finish packing and blogging. i also have a TON of cards i need to write. i have lots of pictures from san diego i have to send to family members. i also have to start changing my address. and since i'll be gone from work for almost 2 weeks, i have a ton of stuff to do for that. oh! i also have to figure out my tickets to europe and any other time i'll be traveling in the next few months.

ok, i'm boring myself. the point is this: so much to do, so little time! what are you up to this week?

oh, and for fun, i've added another thing to my time enhancers section... this fun mario brothers throw-back game. enjoy!

[tell her about it is by billy joel. no real reason i picked it.]