Friday, May 21, 2010

another quick update

greetings from milwaukee where i stayed last night. i can't believe how quickly time is passing and apologies - i meant to write about my first two days driving last night, and didnt get a chance to. yesterday i was 15 min late and today i'm over 45 - more like an hour late. its raining in milwaukee and i am hoping i didnt get a parking ticket for my truck. i am going to leave in a bit and head to columbus - today is my longest day (8 hrs). eek! and tonight is the one night i'd actually like to have some time in columbus except, its raining there TOO. and i have to leave early tomorrow morning because i'm taking my friend to the airport and then getting on the road. i hope we dont have a banger of a night tonight. i'm going to try and take it easy since i'm driving so much tomorrow... (to syracuse which is 7 hrs). i will most certainly try and catch up and fill you in on all my travels tomorrow night. i've taken some fun pictures from the road... so i'll post those, too.

ok, gotta run.


  1. thanks for the update, danielle, glad all is going well. You are now officially a truckdriver. I hope you don't get it in your blood.