Tuesday, March 23, 2010

wont you please please help me

UGH. i am SUPER FRUSTRATED. grrrrr. i have been trying to soup-up my mac. (soup-up? sup-up? let me check urban dictionary... soup up. i was right.) i bought microsoft office for the mac 1) even though i bought the stupid mac word processing and excel versions when i bought my computer and have used them like twice but can't figure them out and 2) because i have been using the excuse that i couldnt do my resume at home because i didnt have word at home and now that is no longer an excuse. BUT because my stupid extended stay hotel has really crappy, slow internet, i can't download the upgrade for microsoft office - it keeps TIMING OUT. which is so frustrating. ALSO, i bought quicken for the mac so i can be better at budgeting and watching my expenses (read: to see how long before i have to freak out about not having a job) and for some REASON, i can't set it up (something about already having a quicken login, but they won't send me the password because i technically haven't used it for quicken, just for intuit which is the turbo tax software. so annoying!)

back in the day i used to be pretty decent at computers. now i have no idea. i should definitely learn more. i'm a wiz on excel (whiz?) and pretty respectable at word processing, but i'd like to get into graphics and webpaging and all that jazz.

my inner ear itches.

monday night is my new favorite tv night. himym, chuck, nurse jackie and united states of tara (the ONLY benefit of living here is that i have showtime) and law and order. woo hoo! although that is too much tv for one night. i could go for some pizza right now. tomorrow night i will go rollerblading. oh yeah. did i tell you i bought rollerblades? yep i did. last thursday. i figured i wanted some other thing to do with my day so i bought them. turns out i'm a crap rollerblader, though. i can't skate for shit. so i have to practice, which is a joke honestly. usually i'm good at things i do for the first time. i guess this isn't really the first time i've rollerbladed. and i would've still had rollerblades except that my old roommate allowed her landlord to toss them out. those sorts of things are annoying.

in the effort of making this all about tech stuff, i figured i'd give you some helpful links i've found interesting the past few (insert time here):
my friend [dave] sent me this quiz asking "are you addicted to technology?" i can't remember if i answered 15 or 20 questions with a "yes" (i was using my fingers and i dont have that many), but then when i read about it, i think it was 15. i'm not too hardcore. how about you?

[song from the song "help!" (1965 album/film by the beatles)]


  1. how to remove spyware, malware, and computer virii (is viruses)- call ME! I'm a pro. And although I use Malwarebytes quite often, it often won't do the trick as the good viruses will stop Malwarebytes from running or from being installed. In those cases, it takes a lot more than downloading a program and running it. I probably do virus removal at least once a week. I get great pleasure from it, actually.

  2. yeah viruses! Take that! My brother removes you!

  3. yeah don't use quicken. just sign up for mint.com