Monday, March 22, 2010

jumpin jack flash

normally mondays are my favorite day of the week. today is not starting out so great, though. i had a plan all lined up for my next step/stop after this consulting gig ends in mid-april. that has all just fallen through. which is kinda crappy. now i'm wondering if i will be able to go to my friend's wedding in paris in july because tickets will be so expensive and just going to paris is always expensive for me (for some reason, i dont have the ability to be frugal in paris. oh, who am i kidding? i'm RARELY frugal...). i guess i'll tell you my plan since its not going to happen: i was goign to move in my with my friend higgi for a few months - he has a FABULOUS apartment in the south end of boston and rent would only be $1000ish and then i could get a temp job or something to pay for rent and look for a job. it would be easier to fly out of boston on a whim to head somewhere for an interview, PLUS i have a wedding in providence (less than 2 hours from boston) in june for a whole weekend (my first jewish wedding ever!) and then the wedding in paris in july. both of those would be a LOT cheaper if i were traveling from boston instead of fargo. so that was the plan, but now the landlord doesn't want someone in for less than a year and i can't sign a lease for a year. so the whole thing has crashed around me and i'm sad. i was really looking forward to it.


ok, so i wrote all of that while i was waiting for my trainer to show up this morning. she finally came - 15 minutes late (which is actually 15 min AFTER i'd like to start anyway - i asked to start at 6 so i could be at work by 8, but she wanted to come at 6:15 because of childcare, so i said fine). well, low and behold, she shows up at my door CARRYING HER DAUGHTER. don't get me wrong, her daughter is SUPER CUTE and so WELL BEHAVED she actually makes me not dislike her. but... it was just shocking. i didn't know what to say, and obviously i didnt want to say anything in front of her. so we work out, although its really awkward working out when a 5 year old is watching you huff and puff, while she sat on my bed watching a movie on her portable dvd player. i have to say something to my trainer, this is just not working. then we didn't even work out an hour! ugh.

so before i hop in the shower, i send a quick email to my dear friend in london lamenting about my day so far. i get out of the shower and check my email and there is one from her - she's so good about writing back so quickly! and, of course, its an out-of-office until NEXT MONDAY. we didn't talk last week, so i forgot she was going to ireland. wtf. now i'm even more upset! i know its not her fault, but sometimes you just want someone to be there and they aren't and then you get upset at yourself for wanting them to be there (ok, insert all "you"s with "i"s). grrrr. [the grrr is DEFINITELY coming back today.]

wait. i'm not done. so i leave for work, already after 8am (when i'd like to be there) and get to work (only 10 min away - woo hoo!) and realize i forgot my quarters at home. which i need to park on the street. i COULD park under the building for the low price of $12/day, BUT i also have NO CASH (because i stopped at a gas station yesterday that was cash only - wtf! - and had to use my last $16). so i turn around and zip home and get my quarters. i get back to work, now its almost 8:45, and there is only one spot left in the whole area of where i park (out of like 20!). (and the FURTHEST from the office) and i go to put quarters in, and there is already 8hrs and 19 minutes worth of quarters in the machine. can you believe that? i mean, good i dont have to pay, but annoying i went all the way home for it!

bleh. so today is not working out like i'd plan. and normally i'd have my favorite yoga class tonight, but since i got to work late (and am writing this), i will have to stay late, which means i cant go to the class (i forgot my clothes anyway) and that makes me sad. i can't go next week because i have a hair appointment, so i have to wait 2 weeks to go. AND tonight is chuck, which is my favorite show, but its also DWTS (i think). i def won't watch dwts because i need to give chuck my attention, but it makes me annoyed i have to choose!!


bleh. so today is super crappy. but in better news - the river level in fargo is going down. and it was in the paper at least twice last weekend. (that always makes me happy) this was on the nyt homepage and this was on the cnn homepage.

ok, and to also make me feel better i will post this picture because i LOVE candy. i know its big, so apologies, but its super fun to follow. the original post is linked here, but i found it here.

notice how there is no path to candy corn or circus peanuts (both of which i love, of course). well, i LOVE candy corn (but NOT the ones in the picture - those are nasty! you can tell they are not made with real eggs) and i like circus peanuts. to appease me and make me feel better, which is your favorite candy?? and do you agree with the path to get there?

[song title from rolling stones, but really we all think of whoopi goldberg's movie, don't we?? and i picked it because its fun to say and so that helps me be in a slightly better mood]


  1. 8 hrs+ worth of quarters?? that's over 32 quarters in Philly. Yay for good Samaritans. And yay for Fargo not flooding...

  2. bkl! you TOTALLY made my day!

    yes, here its 25cents/12 min = $1.25/hr. I have a feeling someone came and put quarters in and then had to leave to get something and I benefited... he he.

  3. I like candy but not as much as you. My favs... candy corn at Halloween, York Mints and an occasional 3 Musketeers. But I LOVE chocolate cake with thick chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream all mushed together! mmmm mmmm good!

  4. I agree with the cake and ice cream mom. I went for Skittles and it worked perfectly!

  5. waaaahhhhh... i want you back in boston - even if it's only for the summer!!! :( i'm sorry it didn't work out like we had schemed. move back anyway! xoxo

    ps - if we don't go to that wedding, we're going SOMEWHERE on vacation. ok?

  6. I would have commented yesterday, but it took me till just now to get through the table, only to find, no NERDS! Boo! FAIL!

  7. nerds ARE on there! 9th picture down on the left... apparently you have to be under 10 years old to eat them. maybe thats why you didnt find them.