Thursday, March 18, 2010

wicked game

this major project i'm working on at work is just that: major. and a pita. [side note: i'm trying to swear less, or swear in another language (seems more intelligent, right?), but its hard not to say pita. pitb just doesnt work quite as well...] and so i'm taking a break at the end of the day to write this - actually i would go home because i've been here well over 8 hours, BUT i told the guy i'm training i would review something for him, so i'm hanging out for a bit. normally i dont ramble from work (well, ramble on here, that is, i definitely just talk about nothing at work), but the whole flood thing is getting me a bit worried and this is my only link to it. speaking of which, my friend pointed out that the fargo flood finally made the front page of cnn today. i didnt see it, but here is a link to the story. for those of you not in fargo and hearing about this 24/7, i just got a note from @fargofloodstage "The Red River at Fargo ND is at 34.12 ft which is 16.12 ft above flood stage."

and for some other random stuff i have found interesting lately, here is a chart from the economist showing the most expensive cities to live in. why is it that i always want to live in expensive places?? does this say something about my personality? i'm not super-pretentious, i dont think... i guess its just the skyscrappers and cool architecture and lots of people i dont know (anonymity). but anyway, what do you think? AND more importantly, do you have an economist login and can get the whole results??

and now on to the even cooler stuff... jezebel is holding their own version of march madness with voting each day for the cake vs. pie tournament. its totally awesome. here is the link to the explanation of the game. print out your own version and fill it out. the guy at work and i did and we had almost exactly the same thing! so funny. i'll let you know my results in a few days after you have had a chance to fill out your own version. we'll see who wins the actual jezebel tournament. leave your final picks (winner of cake bracket and winner of pie bracket) in the comments section...
who you gonna pick to win??

[wicked game is a song by chris isaak on the heart shaped world cd]


  1. how is (are?) s'mores a 13 seed??? i got them winning it. NCAA i got either kansas or syracuse. for some reason i want syracuse to win it.

  2. ...but well worth it. Each CD just gets better and you can see the improvement in the way the voices interact. Seb especially just blew me away.

    While I like most of the songs on this CD, I'm torn between Crying and Come What May as my favorites. Crying always belonged to Roy Orbison, but dueting with Rebekah del Rio really put the Il Divo version over the top. Just beautiful.

    I might wish for more tracks, but this CD is well worth the money. I highly recommend it.