Saturday, March 20, 2010

let them eat cake!

the cake vs. pie war over at jezebel (here) is starting to be my new favorite thing. i filled out the bracket with my grandma over the phone. hers was TOTALLY different than mine. i think we had like 2 or 3 in the first round in common. nothing after that. she had banana cream pie going all the way to the finals and had fruitcake winning overall. ??!! i can't imagine even eating fruitcake let alone having it beat birthday cake! speaking of which, now i'm hungry for some cake. damnit! food style is definitely a generational thing.

jezebel is all into it, too. some people are claiming pies will win overall. pisha! cake is waaay better. as proven here:

ok, the video might not be working. hmmm... i think i turned dumber today. i can't imbed a video anymore. somethings going on...

anyway, i said i would share my winners, so here they are (just stating the winners):
Birthday cake
Angel food
Coffee cake
Red velvet
ice cream

next round:
ice cream

finals for cake:
ice cream (winner, but this is totally a toss up)

pie (which, basically, i dont eat any of):
peanut butter
s'mores (although i dont think i've ever had this kind of pie)
sweet potato
brown sugar

next round:
brown sugar

finals for pie:
pecan (which i actually really love even though i have only had it like twice in my life - winner)
brown sugar (i've never even heard of this kind of pie, but sounds good)

i'm really excited about this. he he.
so anyway, i'm at work. on a saturday. i was partially doing some work and partially working on my resume and mostly watching tv shows that i missed this past week on tv (no dvr in my "hotel room"). and so i'm working on my resume, which was updated until last summer. but now i need to include these "consulting" jobs which is just perplexing me. i have no idea how to include them. its frustrating. but yeah, i'm going through things and i find this chart from lifehacker showing the best jobs in america.

the only thing that is even close to what i do would be the product management director. that pays pretty well. i should start moving my career in that direction...

ok i just got pretty bored while sitting here. i think i'm giong to take off soon. but before then, here are some interesting articles you might enjoy in honor of the last weekend of health care (hopefully!):

i was just watching stephen colbert interview this woman and he asked if she was black or white and i forget her response, but something like "i dont know" or "who cares?" and he asked "well, do you listen to jimmy buffet records? if you do, then you're white." which made me lol. literally.

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