Monday, August 10, 2009

this is the end...

they say that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. clearly i am not able to ramble consistently enough for anything to become a habit. here is another [futile] effort...

so. monday. monday monday. so good to me. monday monday. it was all i hoped it would be... or... just another manic monday. wo o-oh. wish it were sunday. cause that's my fun day. actually, it's not. i'm not a sunday fan. is it possible to think of the word "monday" without singing? i don't know.

weekend was ok. last full weekend in fargo. i thought i was going to be helping homie move, but he never called. and i never called him. so i ended up finding player an apartment in bismarck, going for a bike ride, watching a movie and playing settlers of catan with my parents. on saturday, i waited around for a laptop to be delivered and watched the movie jarhead. didn't like. don't like war or fighting. but don't get me started. i almost couldn't remember what else i did. went to this restaurant called ... crap. what's it called? sidestreet? blackstreet? spitfire. yes. spitfire in fargo, nodak. its a good place. good service, although, i am making a vow right now to never go to a BAR to have dinner. i don't like it. it puts me in a bad mood. i didn't realize, at the time, why i was so annoyed, but now i've figured it out. don't coax me to go out under the guise of leaving soon and then take me to a loud place with lots of tvs. if i'm going out for dinner, i want to sit in a restaurant. and i don't want people watching tv. i've only now just realized that is why i don't like half the bar in fargo. they're all sports bars. sports bars are not my thing. which is funny that i am just now realizing this. when my dad visited me in sacramento, some 3 years ago or something, he wanted to go to a sports bar and i was like, "i have NO IDEA where a sports bar is." and i couldn't find one. then when my brother came out to visit me, he really wanted to watch the vikings at a sports bar, so i had to look them up online and we had to drive to a suburb 20 miles away to find one. there are probably others around, but i couldn't find them. funny.

so yes, leaving. today is my last monday in fargo, too, because next sunday i am going to columbus, ohio for 4 months to do some consulting work for my old company. it should be good. i'm planning on not allowing myself to get stressed, go swimming every day (the place i'm staying has a pool!) and take it easy while working and earning some money. i'm most looking forward to using my brain for something other than blog writing and decoding dementia-speak. it shouldn't be too difficult since i've done this at least two other times before (california, new zealand). so that is why i was waiting for a laptop last weekend - my company sent me one to use while i am in ohio. and that is also why my week is so busy this week. like, crazy busy. it's like - i've been here for months and not seen half the people i should, so now i have to cram in all those bonding sessions into one week. this always happens to me. i'm so silly.

today i am (hopefully) having lunch with my cousins. if someone would text me to tell me the plan, that would be wonderluf. or wonderful. or just wonderluf. then i am meeting homie's girlfriend, lindsay, for some shopping and a snack. then i hope to clean my room and start packing tonight. tomorrow i am having lunch with my dear old friend, kj. i also plan on working (read: donating plasma) in the morning and taking my grandma to get her hair done. on wednesday i have to start working from home to get up to speed on the ohio account before i head out there. that will be wed-fri each day. it will be weird having to set an alarm again. in the meantime, i have to get my own hair cut and decide if i want to go get a north dakota drivers license. i also need to try on all these clothes i ordered online and send back the ones i dont want. friday night, player comes to town so i hope to hang out with him a bit and then saturday my mom and i were going to do something at the lake. i forget what. oh, i also have dinner on thursday night with my aunt at the hodo. woo hoo. more packing and trip planning and whatnot. eek!

what did i do on friday night? ugh. je ne sais pas.

i thought i was going to have to get a new license this week - last week, i went to homie's work to make a copy of my license and then fax that copy to the apartment i am renting in ohio. well, the next day i go to the store and can't find my license, which is a california license. [side note: can you believe i lived in boston on-and-off for 9 years and never had a mass license??] i never switched to massachusetts and since coming here a year ago, never switched to north dakota. mostly i don't like to part with IDs. so i am putting it off. i hope they punch a hole in it like they did in california to my nodak license, but i am afraid they are just going to take it from me and then i will have no proof that i was ever in ca. or something. anyway, i LOST my license. and i was worried that i would have to go to the nd dmv and ask for a license and since my nd license expired 2 years ago, they would make me take the driving test again, which you have to make an appointment for months in advance. so i was worried about that. and i was worried that they would take my actual nd license which is expired (because before i got my ca license, i wrote to nodak and got a duplicate copy of my nd license (only $8!) since i told them i lost my license. so when i went to get my ca license, they punched a hole in one and i still had the other. genius!). so now i don't have to because homie found it at his work. or so he says. that would be a sick joke if he didn't really find it. if he did, at least that saves me some time out of my week. but the question remains: do i get an nd license?

and i still can't remember what i did friday night. am i getting old? early-onset dementia? it does run in the family. d'oh! i remember! i went to o'kellys with homie. that was good. i had sushi but i thought i would be creative and get the regular tempura shrimp roll instead of the SPICY tempura shrimp roll and save a buck. well, turns out the buck is worth a lot. 1) the roll substituted spice for EEL sauce, which i don't love and 2) the spicy crab with wasabi makes me want to rip my mouth off, which is a sensation i LOVE. so next time: spicy tempura shrimp roll all the way. then i convinced homie to come over to our house and play settlers of catan with me and my mom. it was a death-fight to the end. between me and mom. homie just couldn't swing it. he was never in the game. too bad. we should play again just so he can prove to me that he can actually play.

and with that, i am going to get ready for my busy day.


  1. I am SOOO agreed...I also HATE TVs in restaurants!

  2. THANK you. its different if you go there TO watch TV, like tailgators or those crazy people who go to bars to watch football....