Tuesday, August 11, 2009

insane in the membrane

exciting day!

two posts today because today ended up being so fun and full of surprises. i can't remember the last time i was this busy and doing so many things that i enjoyed. woo hoo.

i thought today was going to be horrible because it was something like 85 degrees - my boiling point is at least ten degrees less. bleh. my cousins sara and kayla picked me up for lunch. we then picked up kayla's sister, kelsey, who just happens to also be my cousin - funny how that works, eh? and went to the drunken noodle in downtown fargo. what a cute place! i definitely recommend it if anyone is stopping by the area. pretty much every kind of noodle that you could want is there. actually, i don't know because i only know like 3 kinds of noodles, but they were all there. they have mac and cheese (gross), pastas (yuck), and then WONDERLUF asian noodles - drunken noodles, pad thai, and others. when i hear "drunken noodles" i assume asian noodles, of course. i was shocked to see the other types of noodles there. at first i thought i wouldn't eat anything until i saw the last and best section: asian noodles. anyway, i was about to tell my cousins about the ONE food that makes me naseous - fettucini alfredo - when i thought better of it. i did that once right before my brother ordered it and he got upset because then he didn't want to eat it. of course, two of my cousins ordered the dreaded dish. for some reason, alfredo sauce makes me throw up a little in my mouth every time i smell it. i didn't say anything and i'm glad i didn't. i couldn't smell it when they brought it to our table, so i was happy. the pad thai was DELISH.

anyway, then i got dropped off at babb's coffee shop to wait for homie's gf. she and i spent a good few hours shopping and catching up. i had a good time and bought a ton of jewelry and a few cards that i am going to send out - zaz. if i were to win a million dollars, i think i would definitely buy some art at some of the galleries we stopped in today. there are a ton of CUTE shops in downtown fargo. bravo, fargo!

lindsay dropped me off at home because she had to work. i finished a french movie in my room since no one else was home. it was difficult for me to watch. i ripped it on to my computer and clicked to add english subtitles because sometimes i miss a word or two in french and i like to have the backup. well, i must've screwed up or something because i ripped the subtitles AND english voices. which totally ruined the movie for me - i HATE watching dubbed movies. although, jean reno was in the movie and i'm pretty sure he did his own english speaking, so kudos to him.

my mom and i were sitting around watching tv later when the deck door opened. we assumed it was my dad and didn't say anything. i was thinking, "weird how no one is talking." usually when my dad walks in he calls out hello. all of a sudden, my littlest brother, who lives in bismarck and is working in grand forks this week, walks into the living room. !! we were shocked. his boss was coming to fargo for a few hours to hang out with his kids, so player hitched a ride to come hang out with us. what a great surprise.

so player and i ate grilled cheese sandwiches that mom made - i haven't had one of those in YEARS and then played battleship (i won). we were hanging out when my dad called player to tell him about his great golf game - he shot a 70! - on his way home from the golf course. they talked for ten minutes or so and then hung up when my dad pulled into the garage. player said, "he'll be walking in the door in two seconds" and then right after that, "crap! my shoes are at the door." if it had been me, i would not have noticed another pair of size 14 shoes, but as soon as my dad walked in, we could hear him, "whose shoes are these?" from the other room, i called out, "hi dad!" and he asked again, "who's here? whose shoes are these? did jon stop by?" i replied, "no, jon's not here." my dad didn't bother coming in to the living room - i can just imagine him staring at the shoes trying to figure out whose they were. finally, he walks in and he sees my brothers feet before he sees my brother, "oh, jon is here." and then stops because it's not jon, its the other brother! it was a fun surprise. since we were waiting for my brother's boss to come get him to head back to grand forks, the three of us sat around and watched wipeout. i love watching comedies with my brother because he laughs really hard and enjoys comedy.

so he left and my dad went to bed. i'm up with a perfect end to the day - food network. who will be the next to be chopped??

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  1. I too had a great day that day. Glad I got to spend some of it with my awesome cousins. BTW, I still would have ordered that dish even if you told it me it makes you sick. :)