Friday, July 24, 2009


i've not been posting as often as i would like (4-5 times a week is a goal, much down from 1-2 times a day when i was in germany last fall), so i thought for today i would just post a few articles i have been reading and comment on them. i do have some juicy stories in the pipeline, so be sure to keep coming back.

first and foremost, i pretty much love kevin spacey, so this was awesome. and i mean truly love. i would love to love kevin spacey. when i was in college, someone got me a k-pax poster (bad, bad, movie) and put it up in the common room of my apartment and drew a big red heart of kevin spacey's face. its in the background of some pictures i have. funny, but more to the point, i wish i knew who was on latenight when. i would make a point to check it out or at least dvr it, but i don't have a good system of knowing. plus i should really cut back my tv time. any tips on how to do that?

one thing i will not be cutting back is movies. i love movies. i wish i could think of some way for me to make money off of movies. i don't really have a skill set that would fly in hollywood, at least not that i can think of - which just proves that i am not all that creative. bummer. i think i would like to be a location scout for movies - merging my love for film, travel, and finance (knowing how much it would cost in different areas). but i dont really know how to break into that and i think i'm too lazy to try to figure it out. so my love for movies and reminiscing about childhood made this article really fun to read. i would also like to see cabbage patch kids and polly pocket. what about that green plastic box that was used to teach things? it was like conjunction junction, but not. i can't remember...

and finally for today: bad habits. do you have one? what is it? i'm sure i do. like i like repetitive noises and patterns. so i often tap my foot or my pen and apparently it bothers some people. i was in the board room at my old company giving a little talk on a client and i kept moving my chair from left to right. and not out of nerves - i wasn't nervous at all - but because the constant movement is comforting to me. my coworker sitting next to me grabbed my chair and held it so i wouldn't move. and so i stopped for a bit and then went back to it. i tried to give him the "it's ok, i like to move" look, but i am sure he thought i was nervous. like even right now, i am tapping my foot for no reason. oh! but the other reason why i liked this article - it referenced molly shannon as mary katharine gallagher and her arm pit smell - which i LOVE. i think its hilarious. when home during college, i went to see superstar with my high school friend, emily. the movie was hilarious and later i was like, "that was awesome!" and went out and bought the movie. i watched it after and it wasn't as good. i think part of how much you like a movie has to do with who you see it. but anyway, i was telling the story about this to some people while i was in france last may. i was explaining molly shannon's character and how she would walk away and then turn around quickly and say "superstar!" and then revert back to being awkward while we were tasting wine in the south of france. i would do the walk and then say superstar and liam and elaine thought it was funny and were laughing hysterically, but then other people were just staring at me like i was weird or something. i'm not weird! i'm a superstar!

oh! and one last thing...this wedding video is awesomer than... well everything.

except i have to say that when i first watched it, i thought it said "jim and kevin's big day" so i was expecting a gay wedding, but it wasn't. this was almost as good.

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