Tuesday, July 28, 2009

blue moon

ok. slightly annoyed right now. i spent the second half of my day incredibly bored and was looking forward to casting my eyes upon the gorgeous maksim chemerovsky (sp hopefully wrong) in the superstars (which isn't that great of a show, but maks is so hot, it makes the show enjoyable) this evening, and i turn on the channel and what is it? stupid bachelorette. or something. i don't know. i've never seen any of these shows. oh wait. i saw one episode in france - it was the french version and it was EXACTLY the same (from what i had seen in previews or maybe i have seen an episode or two - either way it wasn't worth remembering) except in french. so there was one guy in the french version that i saw, we'll call him pierre and i caught an episode where he took six girls to the champagne region of france (where i used to live - AWESOME) and had "a date." they went into a champagne cave and blindfolded pierre. each girl got to pick a fruit and then had to serve it to the bachelor with a sip of champagne. at the end, the bachelor picked which fruit he thought went best with champagne and whoever picked that fruit won an individual date with him. i was so bothered by this concept because 1) the fruit had nothing to do with girl and it was all completely random. the last girl to pick a fruit was left with that fruit - if she won or not, she didn't PICK that fruit. 2) only so many fruits go with champagne and i bet the guy was actually picking based on what fruit he liked. ok. i'm already bored with this story. the point: the bachelor is stupid. even in french. or especially in french. either one. it's stupid.

so back to today, stupid bachelorette is on and apparently it was on last night, too? i have no idea whats going on. superstars is not. and there is nothing on the dvr to watch. so i kept watching part of the show in case they preempted stupid bachelorette or it finished and then superstars was on. but now I'M EFFING WATCHING THE BACHELORETTE. and i can't stop!! this is what is making me annoyed. i just dont buy the idea that you fall in love with someone in a month and want to get engaged with him or her and that he or she is not bothered with you hooking up with 20 other people at the same time. and all of that in front of cameras. i just dont buy it. BUT it is slightly captivating tv if you want to turn your brain into mush, which i was perfectly happy to do tonight. and now there is some other show on - the rose or something. after the rose. and i'm caught watching it.
wait - i must interject here: this guys name is KIPTYN??? i'm so sorry.
the other thing that bothers me is that i'm watching it live which means commercials. normally i never watch commercials. ugh.

i need to have more non-boring days. like yesterday was pretty cool, although it ended up completely different than how i thought it would. i was going to get up and go for a long bike ride after i had chai with my mom at the hospital. i get there and turns out that i have to take grandma to the dentist. AGAIN. or as they say in canada, A GAIN. this is the third time in the past month that we have had to fix her dentures. after that, she wanted to get a milkshake and get groceries. grocery shopping with gma is always an interesting event - i can practically feel my veins clogging with fat. here is a sample grocery list: a bismarck (jelly-filled donut), white buns, a piece of fried chicken, mashed potatoes from the deli, bananas, dried bananas, jell-o with fruit, 3 gallons of milk, 2 bags of potato chips and 2 cans of dip (one bean dip and one french onion), diet coke, caramel ice cream, kraft cheese slices, and lots of butter. this is what she gets EACH. WEEK. but she's 77 years old and she won't change.

anyway, i dropped her off and headed home. blah blah blah after a few hours i went for a bike ride but called my good friend, JaBootaay, on the way. it was hard to hear him because my phone roams out here and i was riding a bike so it was windy, so i stopped at one of a few bus benches in fargo and decided to sit there. we talked for like 45 minutes and it was funny. i was on a street corner (elm and 19th for those of you who know - right across from the VA) with traffic only going two ways (as opposed to four ways) because of construction. After a bit of me sitting there, this car pulls up to the stop sign right in front of me and the guy, pretty cute, rolls up and is smiling out the window at me. i didn't really pay attention, i was just talking to JaBootaay. He does a double stop - stopped then rolled a bit and stopped again - all the while watching me. he takes the left, turning away from me, and pulls into the first driveway to turn around. i didn't know what to think. "JaBootaay, some guy is staring at me! i wonder why." he asked, "well, what are you doing?" "nothing, just sitting here." and then i realized. i was sitting on a bus bench (with no bus service), wearing a bike helmet and ipod with the ipod headphones not in my ear, hanging off of the bike helmet, my right leg strapped with a flourescent band and on a phone. right as JaBootaay said it, i realized it was true, "he might think you're a special person and need help!" i am almost positive that is exactly what he thought. so i got up and walked away trying as hard as i could to look normal. he didn't come by again. we decided i should probably get my bike ride on, so i took off. i rode up north around north oaks and found myself at cardinal meunch (the seminary in town). they have a big parking lot to ride around so i did a bit of riding feeling bad for the soon-to-be priests. then i decided to test myself and rode the open field next to the river to get to the golf course. i figured i'd look for my dad's car to see if he was golfing there. i didn't see it, but did see my brothers car, which i was surprised to see. i texted him to see what hole he was on and since he was on the last, i decided to stay and surprise him, but he was impatient and wanted to know why i cared what hole he was on. i told him i was there and he invited me to have a beer with him and his friends. so i stayed and ordered a blue moon, you saw me standing alone. without a dream in my heart, without a love of my own. it was cool hanging out with charpie and joe, and my brother, of course.

when i was leaving, my brother homie drove next to me to tell me how fast i was going - 15 mph on my bike! booyakasha! and he was super sweet before he drove off, "make sure you text me when you get home so i know you're safe." so cute! no more boring days. please.


  1. Boring days sound wonderful to me right now...
    Oh and when I am over at Gma's place I think it's funny that usually the only things left over from her groceries are bananas and the jello. Weird. :)

  2. subject: i think of this as the song from grease