Friday, July 31, 2009

jul twitter archive

  1. HELL YEAH! just got my very own version of settlers of catan in the mail - woo hoo! game night chez moi soon...
  2. random musings on why fargo and nd are so great
  3. i need an apartment in columbus ohio. can anyone help? i'm looking for a monthly rental for 4 months...
  4. 22 on the 22nd! happy birthday little brother, @erdynorth.
  5. 106 deg F in sacramento right now. i think i might be a wicked witch - i'm about to melt. thanks for telling me this way, mother nature.
  6. Almost didn't go at the last minute but am now on completely packed plane to california for the week. At least i have a window seat. Woo ...
  7. wondering how marauder golf tourney in bismarck is going today... any update @erdynorth or @parithed?
  8. wondering if my little brother and his girl are coming to dinner tonight... since he won't respond to my IMs...
  9. At work. Brought DVD player but no movie. Stoopid. Gonna be a long seventy minutes at work. Sigh.
  10. Watching the hbo movie recount for the first time. Two words about Florida 2000: SHIT SHOW.
  11. i'm quite bored. i should apply for some jobs or something... or maybe @erdynorth will play stratego with me..
  12. holy crap! i won an iphone gc. thanks #squarespace - you're awesome!! (eat that @erdysouth and @erdynorth) :)
  13. did you remember to rock the vote yesterday?

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