Friday, May 1, 2009

lily of the valley

i had a whole other post [almost] ready for today, but had such an exciting evening last night, i had to share.

so my little brother came over after work so that he could hang with me since i'm leaving in a few days. he walked in and announced, "danielle, since you're leaving, i'll play that stupid game you want to play. right now. just once." i jumped up off the couch and was so happy! NO ONE will play stratego with me. i don't even mind losing. i just love the game, but everyone is afraid of it. maybe they think they'll lose or something. so i ran upstairs to my old room looking for it. it's pretty much empty now, so it wasn't there. i went into my current room which is an amalgamation of my stuff and my littlest brothers stuff. i couldn't find it. i searched everywhere. i ran downstairs to my other brothers room, which is currently my rent-free storage facility. no luck. i went back upstairs. couldn't find it. i called my mom at work. she hadn't seen it. i didn't find it. so we ended up playing battleship (which i won, of course). and i'm pretty sure one of my parents saw the game and wanted to make sure that i wouldn't ask them to play again, so they hid it. or threw it out. damn them!

that was the exciting part of my day. oh wait! there's more. i got a call from my credit card company. SOMEONE GOT MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER AND USED IT. gasp. i'm now a victim of identity theft! and i have NO IDEA how they got the card number - this credit card sits in a wallet in my room and i NEVER use it. so now they're sending me a new card and i have to go on to all my accounts and see if there is any suspicious activity. and this was suspicious. on wed, the person charged $2 on bed bath and twice. on thur, he or she charged another $2 at bbb and $24 at blinds to go or something like that. sneaky sneaky. trying to see if the card would go through! i just don't understand identity theft. WHY would someone want to hurt someone like that? and it just raises the costs for everyone. ... i was going to go on and on, but its really pointless. its such a stupid crime. it bothers me. i think i could maybe respect some criminals, but not identity thieves.

and now to this morning. i woke up and stretched my arms - happy may day! i remember when i was little, living in minot, my best friend from across the street, erin berry, would ring my doorbell on may 1st and leave me a basket of candy. then i would have to run after her and kiss her. happy may day. and happy birthday to my friend, jen. and happy birthmonth to meee!!! i love may. partly because my birthday is in may. partly because its a pretty month. and partly because i always seem to be traveling in may.

and i have a busy day ahead of me. i have to pack, go get waxed (fun!), run errands, go see my great aunt (who's birthday is tomorrow) and then leave with my mom for bismarck to help littlest brother move. i pulled out my suitcases that have been sitting in my room and put them on my bed so i could start packing. when we moved them from my old room, my mom commented, "these are awfully heavy, what have you got in here?" "just the other suitcase," i replied. so then i lifted them and realized that they ARE a bit heavy. i open the smaller suitcase inside and there's my blue overnight bag. i forgot about that! and guess whats inside it. a bunch of dvds and STRATEGO. !! i couldn't believe it. of course! i put it in there to save space. my brother better stop by at lunch to play. OR maybe i'll bring it to bismarck and force my other brother or mom to play. mwhahahaha....



    but when i went to buy it from toys r us the only one they had was a pirates of the caribbean one and it is NOT THE SAME.


    maybe if you find the real version before i move in with you in may-- err, stay with you, we can play...

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