Thursday, April 30, 2009

apr twitter archive

  1. getting my hair done - going blonde again. welcome @justabouttoleav!
  2. do you eat dirt?? maybe you should...
  3. shamwow tested by consumer reports
  4. new blog post and one day left to vote on the poll! http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  5. should i go to cancun despite swine flu?? vote on the new poll - no need to register http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  6. sleepless in seattle or an affair to remember? http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  7. what i learned from daria "life sucks. don't be distracted by location changes." http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  8. thanks @erdynorth! watching daria movie on mtv. love it!
  9. done with work today and treating myself to sushi. i love irish sushi! o'kellys to save the day. mmmmmm....
  10. happy earth day! new blog post and a few hours left to vote..
  11. heading to work then i have to finish booking trip to france/vegas/cancun/boston...
  12. new post and poll! check it out and comment / vote...
  13. need to book hotel in cancun - where should i stay? any suggestions?? need your help! thanks!
  14. happy birthday @fargoOLE!
  15. new post on how nice north dakotans are & take the poll!
  16. I might not be able to work today. My blood pressure is too low. Wtf.
  17. yeah @erdysouth i finished in time to see a movie. so there!
  18. JUST finished taxes (well, technically still need to enter bank acct info - but 99% done) and heading to a movie as a treat!
  19. new poll! when do you do your taxes? http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  20. annoyed no one will go on a walk with me... there is nothing to do here. what do i do??
  21. very happy indeed. i'm catching up on tv on my new dvr. cant wait for new rock of love bus tomorrow. woo hoo!
  22. fun adventures last night!
  23. i effing fell in the gd river!
  24. just got home after spending night with @erdynorth, @charpie and @farjoe. there is mustard on my jeans. wtf?
  25. @Charlie you're not going to say hi to your ex?!?!
  26. At the best place in town for sushi! That's right o'kellys, an irish pub. With @erdynorth
  27. what's your blonde moment? leave a comment
  28. @fargoOLE, yeah... my lips are kind of burning. prob not good. there are a bunch of #s on the bottle 8204520H0807... 2007? eek...
  29. if my beer bottle has rust on it and it touches my lips, is that bad?
  30. Just listed myself in the local Twitter directory in ZIP 58102
  31. rather annoyed by babb's today. yes? no? babb's downtown?
  32. welcome @parithed to twitter! papa erd is following my every word...
  33. finally! another post. read up and enjoy. http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  34. @ o'kelleys. With @erdysouth. This place is hoppin!
  35. going to fargo theater with papa erd - gonna see both doubt and milk tonight. woo hoo! popcorn dinner. love it.
  36. At dempseys with @erdysouth and papa erd. Fargo theatre closed for the night. Bummer.
  37. new blog post on floyd the flood! http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b... #fargoflood

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