Wednesday, May 20, 2009

happy birthday to me!

greetings fair weather friends!

and the weather is more than fair here, that's for sure! i am in cancun, mexico at the moment. sitting in the lobby trying to catch up on emails and read the news and download podcasts - all of which is sacrilege for my friend, elaine. to her, the computer is the enemy while on vacation! i can understand why, but for me it is a dear friend. especially since i thought most people forgot that yesterday was my birthday. i only got one text from my cousin, terra. i forgot that i turned twitter off since it costs a lot to get texts abroad and i also couldn't check my email last night. then today - i log on and bam! instant recognition and validation of ingraining the one day for me into other's heads. it's amazing how instantly i felt better knowing i wasn't forgotten. so to all you who emailed, texted, tweeted, commented on this blog - THANK YOU!! you made a girl feel special.

so back to the trip. i'm in cancun. i was in vegas over the weekend. i intended to blog, but it was such a quick trip - half the time was spent getting over jet lag from paris and the other half was spent applying sunscreen so i didn't burn. it didn't work. and i'm really annoyed by that. vegas was fun, as usual, but i can only effectively work in large groups for short amounts of time. i'll have to go into more detail about the trip later. for now, know that i am safe and healthy in cancun - no sign of swine flu anywhere yet. i'm a bit groggy and have a tumbling tummy, but i think that has more to do with me forcing elaine and myself to drink copious (but not tooo mch) amounts of free alochol by the pool and ocean yesterday in honor of my birthday than little piggy disease.

and despite constantly applying spf 50 and 70, i got red in vegas - not fun and yesterday again i got red. i'm really afraid of skin cancer, so i have been avoiding the sun today. and the heat. i practically melt out here! so i am staying inside today, which is just fine with me. i have a good book and someone needs to get use out of the air conditioning! i might go sit under an umbrella later today. but i think i will save myself for tomorrow. i plan to get up early and do laps before its too hot out. we'll see how that goes...

it appears the internet connection is a bit dodgy, so i'll post this while i can and work on some more fun stories about my trip. a bientot!!


  1. So happy there is no sign of little piggy disease! As you said the CDC would have great fun following little piggy disease from Cancun, to New York to Boston to Fargo!

    Have a great time

  2. glad all is well...and rest assured, we didn't forget about you on your birthday! No kidding.
    We love you...

  3. Hey! Happy Birthday. Again. When do you come home? You should see the garage. It's b.e.a.utiful.

  4. cancun is so beautiful! aren't you glad that you went despite swine flu? :)

  5. subject: another creative subject line in honor of - me!