Saturday, April 18, 2009

bird dog

i saved a bird’s life today. we figured that the bird was just dumb. i got up this morning and heard that the bird continues to ram itself against the glass door. my mom and i were watching tv and the bird kept hitting the door. again and again. i finally got an idea and closed the screen door. the bird took one flying swoop at it and flew off. we haven’t seen him since.

in some cultures, if you save a life, isn't that life yours forever? i hope that bird doesn't start following me around or anything. thats kind of a scary thought. can you imagine a bird flying above my car? perched on a ledge above the building i'm in? sitting outside my window at night? do i have to start feeding it? probably at the very least, i have to make sure the screen door stays closed. i might have to rethink this whole "saving" thing...


  1. i don't think that bird was morgan freeman in robin hood prince of thieves. you're probably ok.

  2. thanks, but if it turns out you're wrong.... well, i guess you're just wrong.

  3. subject: song by the everly brothers (picked for obvious reasons)