Saturday, December 13, 2008

let's get lost

just got back from cvs. i was really excited to go because i had a 25% off coupon - off of EVERYTHING. that's really awesome. but anyway, something weird happened. i was walking down the feminine hygiene and oral hygiene aisle - tampons and pads on the left and toothpaste on my right. i'm looking at the wonderful pink and pale blue products on the left and there is a cvs man looking at the toothpaste on the right. maybe he was taking inventory? making sure the toothbrushes didn't up and walk away? i'm not really sure, i didn't really pay attention. all of a sudden, he says, "can i help you find anything?" i look around. there was no one else to be seen. "umm, no, thanks. i think i've found everything i need." i was not embarrassed - why should i be? every girl needs to get feminine hygene products. i figured i must've just missed him looking at me before he went back to his work. so i'm standing there comparing and i hear, "and how is your day going today?" i turn around. staring at his back, i respond, "great, how is yours?" "i'm doing well, thank you," he responds still not looking at me. "it's getting pretty cold out there, isn't it?" now i'm kind of standing with my hand on my hip and my head tilted, "yeah, it's gonna be cold." still not looking at me, "that's what they say." then he promptly marches off. i stood there a little stupefied. i'm not sure if he was embarrassed or just busy or what. it was the most bizarre conversation EVER.

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  1. elliott smith died much to young. check out "let's get lost"