Friday, December 12, 2008

everybody hurts

i can't think of anything i hate more than dry skin. maybe bent papers. but dry skin really really sucks. and fargo in the winter is DRY DRY DRY DRY DRY. after you take a shower and dry off, you can hear your skin crackling. you have to be ready to lube up right away. if i wash my hands at all during the day, instant lotion. i keep lotion in my handbag, on my desk at work. at any of my past apartments, i have hidden lotion all over the house - in the bookshelf, next to the kitchen and bathroom sink, behind the tv, on the desk, on my night stand, etc. but now that i am not really in my own home, i don't really have that luxury. i could leave lotion all over the place, but i've learned my lesson.

last winter, when i was home for christmas, i was free with my lotion bottles - i would carry them around wherever i went. if i was going to put on socks downstairs (my bedroom is upstairs), i would bring my lotion down and put it on before putting socks on. i even told my mom how my nightly ritual is to put lotion on my feet and arms and if my feet are dry, i can't sleep at night. one night at like 4am, i bumped into my mom in the hallway. we were both going to use the bathroom. i had been up for HOURS because i couldn't find my lotion and was dry as... well, something really dry. around 1am, i had gotten up and gone downstairs to look for my lotion. couldn't find it. so when i met my mom in the hallway and she said, "what's wrong with you?" i could only growl. i was so upset. i went to my room and quietly slammed my door.

the next morning, i got up after my parents (because i couldn't sleep all night) and went into their room. what do i find on my mom's nightstand? THREE BOTTLES of lotion. i told her what i found and she said, "is that why you were in such a bad mood last night?" i could hardly explain how important lotion is to me. so now, my mom doesn't take my lotion on random walks around with her and i do not let the lotion leave my room. i have two bottles, just in case, and i keep one bottle in the basement (where my parents send me to watch tv when they want the main one, and where they rarely venture). i should buy stock in aveeno during the winter - i'm pretty sure i alone keep the company afloat.

so what's the point of all this? apparently we are going to be in the midst of a major storm on sunday - 8 to 12 inches of snow. my main goal for tomorrow is to go to cvs and buy lotion, lotion, lotion so i can hole up and be a hibernating bear on sunday. what are your plans for the weekend?


  1. lol thats great! I hope you dont loose power so you can keep us updated to your lotion levels and who draws the shortest straw and has to venture out to the market to get more lotion....ha

  2. I did go out of town last night but I am back now and prepared to be stuck in my house until I leave for work on Monday. And I completely understand about the lotion thing. I too have one on my nightstand and three next to my bathroom sink and always, always, always one in my purse. In my profession I can't afford to have cracked hands this time of year!

  3. subj: "everybody hurts" is the melodramatic song from REM in the 90s.