Sunday, November 2, 2008

listen for my beep

the first thing i thought as the cab drove me from the hauptbanhof (central train station) to my hotel (hilton münchen city) was "wow. munich is a CITY." there is a proper "financial district" and somewhat tall skyscrapers. and i could see the olympic tower in the distance - all very schön (cool).

i got in on friday and relaxed in the hotel. i completely forgot that it was halloween - i didn't really leave the hotel, but if i had remembered i think i would've gone out to see if people dressed up here. i really want to buy a bayern costume to bring home - can't you see me dressed up as a bayern mädchen? kind of like this...

except not totally - less slutty. maybe a longer skirt. and of course with beer mugs in my hands!

yesterday morning, i got up and started getting ready. i put MTV on - and shock of all shocks! German MTV actually plays MUSIC VIDEOS! can you believe that? what a novel concept! that lasted for a few hours and then at noon real world hollywood came on. yes, i admit: i was sucked in. it's a train wreck! you can't help but watch!

once i tore myself away from the comfort of my hotel room (which, btw, is not THAT great - there are stains on the carpet. i dont like stains. i'm leaving a comment card), i went for a walk through town. i just started walking without looking at the map (except when i first left) and an hour later i was at the train station. munich downtown is very small. i was surprised at how small it is. i took some cool pictures which i dont think i will upload until i get to paris - i dont want to bother setting it all up right now.

i stopped only twice on my journey "out." i popped into this bakery that seemed very busy - and with good reason! they had soo many baked goods, i didnt know where to start. and they were all in these little plastic cabinets, like a cafeteria, so you could serve yourself. i got two bretzels, which are very good in germany (not like pretzels you get at the stadium). one was regular and one had pumpkin seeds on it. pumpkin seeds! what a great idea! it was delish. i also stopped into the McCafe which is a coffee shop attached to McDonalds. i think the first time I saw this was in New Zealand. it's pretty cool. and there was a woman with her two daughters eating mcd's and they were all eating salads! good salads at mcdonalds? crazy concept!

on my way back to the hotel, i stopped in a park to write in my journal and play solitaire on my ipod. that ipod is one of the best things i have ever purchased - thanks, homie. my tour around the city was rather short because yesterday was a holiday - i'm guessing something to do with Toussaint or All Saints Day like in France - so all of the stores were closed. that was unfortunate timing on my part. i might go out later today and look around, BUT... it won't be until 3pm because for me to be online, it is costing me TWENTY EIGHT EUROS - thats about $40! for 24 hours. outrageous. so once that's over, i don't think i'll be online again until i get to paris...

the other thing i noticed about munich is that i can't find a starbucks. i know, i know. i shouldn't be looking for one, but it's kind of comforting to have familiar drinks and a place to relax. they didn't have chai tea at the mccafe. maybe i will look again today for some...

oh! also, i have actually studied german since i have been here - ** (that was me patting myself on the back). so fun!


  1. boyakasha! that iPod is that best thing my family has ever bought me! ;)

  2. "listen for my beep" is a throw back to crystal waters - old school. one of the first cds i ever owned.