Tuesday, May 1, 2012

may day may day mayday!!

i love may!  i start getting all these emails about discounts for birthday month, spring is in the air, and it just seems so... fun!  clearly my favorite month of the year!

i've been thinking about it and i dont think i'm going to have a party this year.  i mean, wait.  i am definitely not having a party this year.  it's been a tough year on the friend-front (shedding them at a dramatic rate!), so i'm not really feeling like a party.  maybe grab a few of my favorite people and go to dinner.  maybe i'll take a jaunt away for the weekend.  qui sait?


ha!  i wrote that HOURS ago and now its 6pm.  i'm at work.  i have a board meeting tonight and then i plan to stay at work.  maybe.  maybe not.  i'm not sure yet.  and then i will go home and go to bed.  but why i was saying "ha!" was because AGAIN! i just got another email for my birthday month!!  woo hoo!

the rest of the week is busy.  dinner with colleagues tomorrow night.  thursday i think i have a grocery delivery coming.  or big sisters something.  idk.  then firday out with kc and the sunshine band who are back from their trip and i am no longer sitting for their house.  wait.  sitting for them?  hmm...

anyway, this is something nice.  i gave my friend at work a birthday card today and here is our convo:
Rebecca Shklovsky [2:55 PM]:did you paint my card??DE [2:55 PM]:i did!!RS [2:56 PM]:wow!RS[2:56 PM]:i love itDE [2:56 PM]:not my best work, but i thought you would like those colors... RS [2:56 PM]:yeah i doDE [2:56 PM]: :)RS [2:56 PM]:that is awesome, at first i didn't notice and then i was looking at it more closely and thinking oh wow i bet danielle did thisRS [2:56 PM]:you should go into businessDE [2:57 PM]:wow! can't believe your first thought wasnt "wow, that printer totally screwed up!"RS [2:57 PM]:haha no i just thought i was a nice pretty card

so that made me happy.

ok, now i really have to go. b tyee!

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