Sunday, March 11, 2012

imma be

grr.  stupid spring ahead!  i woke up this morning and looked at the tv clock "10:17" and i was like, "really?? i slept THAT long??  eh.  whatever."  and then i looked at the radio clock (which is not automatic) and it said "9:24."  crap.  i forgot we were springing ahead.  knowing that we did just annoyed me.  i dont know why.  i'm also missing the 1030 yoga class on sundays that i like to go to.  but thats probably a good idea because i havent done yoga in SO LONG that i am soo out of practice.  i need to get back into it.  i'll try and make the 330 class, which is also considerably easier.

also on deck for today: painting.  i didnt get any done when i was in sacramento, despite lugging ALL of my paints and 4 canvases out there.  frustrating.  i was going to paint last night, but i popped in the wedding singer, to have on in the background, and i started to sketch what i would be painting and, of course, i just ended up watching the whole movie.  its actually really good!  much better than the 100th best comedy ever.  check this link out.  i might agree with holy grail, but the rest of the order is MESSED UP.  i have, however, seen about 85 of those movies.  wow.  thats kind of a lot.  pretty impressive, i'd say.

what else is going on?  yesterday i went to see a movie - good deeds.  it was really good!  i think everyone should go see it.  it is a tyler perry movie, but its a nice, heartwarming story.  that sounds lame.  just go see it.  actually, this would be a good test.  family: go see it and tell me if you don't like it.  if you don't, then i will know you truly do have bad taste in movies.    [ha ha, this is a reference to christmas where i dragged them to two critically-acclaimed movies and they didnt like either - i didnt like one, but the other one was really good]

oh!  so weird... last night i dreamt that james woods was serving me food and doing cartwheels.  and then he and i were speaking french.  but he lived in milan.  it was so weird.  no one cool lives in milan.  lake como or bust.

maybe today i'll do an expense report and a call report or two.  that would be great if i could do that for work.  get ahead of the game for this week.  i am going to be leaving "on time" a lot this week - i have a lot of volunteer things that i need to do...  i have a meeting one night to learn how to set up a lemonade stand with my little.  then i have a board meeting another night.  i should look into donating again, as well.  i dont think i did it at all in february.  eek.  not good.

i'm feeling antsy lately.  restless, even.  and i have been traveling.  not enough?  other things i want to do?  i'm not really sure whats going on, but i feel like i have to book trips to dozens of places: msp, pdx, nyc.  why am i feeling so antsy??  i dont know... thoughts?  maybe i should go to dc, too.

i also need a date to hawaii.  who wants to go with me?  all seriousness here.

i'm looking for some picture or video to end this dry ramble.  can't really find anything.  oh!  my brother homie got me into draw something.  its really fun!  anyone else on it?

ok, here's a video.  i like this song a lot. t he video is a bit too transformy for me:

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  1. I can't believe Major League didn't make the list.... I would like to have seen Role Models be a little higher.. I also have seen the majority of those.