Sunday, March 18, 2012

chega de sauddade (no more blues)

i can't sleep.  that is making me blue.  (ha!  reference to the song i'm listening to right now.  love that)

i hate not being able to sleep.  its part new bed, part new noises, part being alone, probably part the bubbly i had earlier tonight, and part restless leg syndrome.  AGHHHHHH.  restless leg syndrome is the WORST.  its the evening (morning?) after st patricks day (night?) and i can hear the fake irish in the streets yelling.  i imagine they dont realize there are people trying to sleep.  i'm at the point where my eyes are watering they want to be asleep so badly.  AND i really wish i could pull my feet up towards my knee - like in the front.  kind of like what you would do with a barbie.  remember she had those bendy legs and you would move them because it was weird and kind of mean?  i feel like if i could do that and give myself bendy legs i wouldnt have restless leg syndrome.  and i have that need to stretch.  oh i got new pajamas today.  they're super cute.  preparing for my hawaii trip.  woot woot!  i can't believe i just typed that.  i dont really get what it means.  am i meant to say it?  do people really pronounce the t's at the end?  i feel like it should be woop woop instead.  is that very 90s of me?  perhaps.  i am getting old.  and i have restless leg syndrome.  i wonder what i look like right now.

yeah, that is not pretty.  i just did photo booth.  eek.

ugh!  why is no one up to keep me company?  og right.  most people dont have restless leg syndrome!!  so stupid.  maybe i'll put on a movie on my laptiop.  i cant really see the screen very well.  not sure what i'm typing.

i'm going to try to sleeo again.

221 am.  over and out.  i hope

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