Sunday, March 4, 2012

and miss her when i'm gone...

so much to say!  i'm on a flight from bos to msp (final destination: smf).  am tired but couldn't sleep so i decided to quit faking it like all the other people around me and just wake up.  didn't get much sleep last night.  was at kc's house for a party.  meant to leave around 10, but actually had some great convos and didn't leave until after 11pm.  got home by 1130 and then had the presence of mind to cut up my veggies that i won't get to eat since i am, all of a sudden (kinda), heading back to cali-forn-i-a.  now i just have to have the same presence of mind to use them when i get back.  :)

what's new?  lots has happened.  and lots of weird, random things.

i was witness to a robbery the other night. it was actually really really freaky.  i was leaving cvs at downtown crossing (on winter street) and there was this massive commotion at the dingy video game store.  there was an explosion of people all of a sudden.  4 guys came rushing out of the store - one kid slipped (it was raining) and FELL and ROLLED on the ground up to my feet.  the other three kids ran the other way.  the owner chased them.  the kid that fell grabbed a cardboard box and took off running toward the park.  i wanted to chase after him, but i really thought someone might've had a gun.  the owner/manager dude came back and pushed some guy back in the store and then locked it.  it was really bizarre.  i was with a coworker and we were both startled and had racing hearts after that.  not fun.

something else weird happened that day at work (can't remember what now) and my coworker was like "be careful tonight!  its such an odd night!" and i had to go to my art class from 745-945.  i took the bus, which i wouldn't normally have done.  it was our last class and we presented our artwork.  everyone was talking about how much they got from the class, which, considering i had never painted before, i guess i did, too, but i mostly feel like there is SO MUCH more for me to learn and experiment with.  but i dont really have the luxury of experimenting too much these days.  want to work on that.

another weird thing happened this morning.  first, i went to bed around midnight.  woke up a little after 2 and had to go to the bathroom.  i did that right as my roommate was coming home.  i put the tv on because i prefer to have noise when i'm going to sleep.  i'm not sure if i ever fell back asleep.  but i also didn't feel awake the whole time.  so i must've.  anyway, my alarm went off at 434, so i got up and took a quick shower.  here's the weird part: i called a taxi - the same taxi company i ALWAYS call - and NO ONE ANSWERED.  how bizarre is that??  i hung up and called back a few minutes later.  i'm sure the number didn't change in my phone.  it was quite frustrating and creepy (cab companies don't just go out of business, do they??) so i had to look up a new company online, which took quite a bit of time.  this made me nervous i would be late for my flight.  then, i get to the airport and why are the security lines SUPER LONG??  i went through priority, so didn't have to stand in the ID checking line, but did have to wait in the security line.

THEN there was a woman with a baby in front of me.  actually, there was one woman in front of me and the woman with the baby was in front of her.  she was on her own, so the woman in front of me helped her put her luggage on the security roller thingie.  (thingy?)  we all go through security, and the woman with the baby went through faster because she didn't have to do the cancer-giver thing.  i get to the other side and her suitcase was there.  but she wasn't.  i told security that the luggage was for a woman with a baby.  we looked around and couldn't find her.  i gathered my stuff and headed to my gate.  around the corner is the woman with the baby.  i said "ma'am, do you want your suitcase?" and she looked shocked.  she really forgot about it.  so i went back and got it for her.  she was really appreciative, but as i was walking away, i couldn't help conspiracy theorizing... maybe she PURPOSEFULLY left it there!  what if she is a terrorist and a really good actress??  i mean, i doubt it, but i hate that our government has made me think about things like that.

ugh.  at this moment i am not pleased to be awake.

[listening to treat her like a lady by jb on the volcano cd.  this might actually be one of my favorite songs by him, but i never realized that until now.  love the change in tempo around the 3min mark]