Thursday, February 16, 2012

nodak in the news

once again, i've been saving articles and various things about my homestate. as such, here they are:
  • audio (and transcript of audio, actually) on npr about the oil boom in western north dakota - fracking, the lack of housing, etc.
  • audio (and transcript, again) on npr about honey bees and nodak
  • america's 25 coldest cities - as a side note, i was in ohio last week and it was in the 20s.  i FROZE.  i was sooo cold.  it was soo embarrassing.  i felt like i was an imposter.  a non-north dakotan.  maybe i shouldnt be living in boston anymore.  its taken my edge away.
  • the first article about a guy cycling through nodak
  • article number two he's in medora or so
  • another article by the same cyclist in more eastern nodak.
  • i dont know what to say about this ad... i wouldnt' have looked twice but a lot of people think its dorky.  thats sad.  a friend in boston tweeted me and it at the same time.  someone from ENGLAND sent it to me.  how did they see it??
  • another sad/weird thing: a lot of people were talking to me months ago about nodak not being a state.  how weird is that?? i'm from no country!!!
  • et... finalement... le piece de resistance!  nodak is the best place to live!!


  1. I love this post and, yes, I read the articles. Laughed out loud that ND was #2, #3 and $4 in America's coldest cities. Where was Minot?