Wednesday, February 22, 2012

my lovin' (you're never gonna get it)

i am mad.
pissed off.

argh!  now i'm mad at blogger!!  i can't change the stupid font for fachee.  UGH.

i dont know why i'm on a rampage today.  i have no idea.  oh wait.  yes, i do.  my clients are making me upset, people are not doing their jobs properly, UGH.

i need to think of things that will make me happy... painting is making me happy.  have i shown you my picture recently?  its this big project i'm working on... hmmm... how do i get it HERE?  i have a copy on my phone and on my computer (at home) and my ipad.  hmm... email it to myself from my phone, you say?  brilliant!

omgosh i'm an idiot.  i just sspent a bit of time looking for my phone - it was in my cell phone cleaner that i got for xmas.  silly me!

ok, so here is a picture of my painting thus far.  oh, actually i just realized it isnt the most recent.  i have since painted the green dude.  the ampelmann.  i'll have to take another picture later.

and this is making me happy - i got some calendar prints framed (paid beaucoup d'argent for it!) and my roommate suggested we hang them in the hallway!  how cool do they look??

i feel slightly better.  what do you do when you're in a bad mood?


how can you cheer me up today??  :)

[en vogue.  duh.]

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