Sunday, February 5, 2012

live blogging the superbowl

ok, so i'm not ACTUALLY live blogging, but as I think of things, i'll write them here. 

ok, so i'm a little behind... its 7:02 and i'm at kc and the sunshine bands house.  but we're behind in the game.  did the game start at 630?  i'm not sure.  i think so.  right now its 2-0... i think its just a few minutes in.  something about a safety?  i'm not really sure... i got here late because i went to yoga (hear that, boys??) from 330-5 and then took the bus to work and did some work then packed up my laptop and came over here.  am going to "work" while i "watch" the game... really i'm just hoping to see some cool commercials.  so far here are our thoughts:

fun hyundai commercial with the vampires.  fun!  loved it.  super appropro.  apropo?  hmm... idk how to speel.  i've already forgotten the other commercials thus far.  but they just had a close up of all the refs.  are they all white?  are there not any minority refs in the nfl?

so kc are really watching the game.  comments like "is this just a really good passing game, so far?" make me wish for some special teams. 

ugh.  tom brady is so ugly.

oh right.  k just reminded me of what we thought about the other hyundai commercial - the driving one with the jaguar (or was it a cougar?).  it was missing a very specific driver: ryan gosling.  i mean, they really should have thought that through a bit more.

why dont they make beer commercials for women??  stupid beer commercials.  that wasnt even funny.

i liked the m&m commercial.  was that meryl streep's voice?

not gonna watch the apprentice.  just not going to.

we did our own boxes the three of us.  c got upset so he has one extra.  if the game ends right now he would win.  so lets hope it doesnt even though i think i want the giants to win.

polar bear commercial - too safe.

apocalypse commercial... this might be erin's commercial.  of course twinkies survived the apocalypse.  gross.  but funny.  and the frogs.  i dont get it, but thats cool.  we're still behind time.  madonna for half time?  i dont know how i feel about that.  has she done anything besides get divorced recently?  oh she made a movie ro something, right?  yeah, its 7:16pm and we're at 6:57 in the game.  i hope my family doesnt text about the game.  i'd hate to know what happens.  not really.  dont care much.  i'm drinking bubbly.  aside from this live blog,, that is one of the best things baout this game.

ugh.  tom brady is ugly.

oh and can we talk about how the pats had 12 players on the field?  i mean, dont they pay someone to stand around and count players?  they could pay me to do that.  i'd do that.  i count good.  this bridgestone commercail is boring.  but troy aikman is cute.  and i always like ddeon/dion/deonne? sanders.  hes funny.

boring lexus commercial.

i'm thinking about this cute actor in the liam niesen movie.  something about transformers but not really.  i wonder if he is sitting at home with his family waiting for that comomercial.  he looks like a new actor who is about to make it big or fall flat on his face.

wh ois this dude with the long name and the sleeve tats?  they look uninteresting.

how much do the players get for winning the superbowl?  just a ring?  how much would the ring go for on the market?  oooo.  good block.  good job blue helmet dude.

i dont really get why the budweiser symbol is these clydesdale horses, but thats pretty cool.  way to stay in your theme.  apparently thats a whatchamacallit commercial - steve buscemi or something.

ok, this camero commercial was pretty funny.  it ESPECIALLY makes me think of the HEATED CONVERSATION i had with my father when i was leaving for college and he told me that i couldnt have refridgerators in my dorm room.  it was a good hour-long fight about fridges and having the ability to hide beer in them.  now that i think about, you could just hide the beer under your bed.  you dont need a fridge to do that!

did the guy just say that he enjoys building "turds"??  a partner ad - budweiser and ge.  interesting.  boring commercial.

we're trying to catch up so i'm missing some commercial.  crap.  i need to do m y taxes.  ohhh i just remembered the other commercial we liked: elton john and pepsi.  good job.  loved the shoes.  loved flava flave.  it was awesome.  favorite commercial so far.

i dont know if i have EVER read a dr. seuss book.

the volkswagon commercial was great.  i loved that dog!

oh hfamous people on the tv.  steven tyler.  how did he score ticks?  ha.  tix.  tickets.  everyone here laughed at the 2nd audi commercial with darth vader that i didnt get.  we had to pause it to explain it to me.  oh wow.  number 75 is big.  he needs to run on the treadmill.

illegal huddle??  what the heck is that??  is someone going to jail for it?

yep.  absolutely no issues with the beckham ad.  i could watch that all day looooong.  in fact, i just might tomorrow.  i have the day off.

superbowl rings are kind of gawdy.  not to be confused with gaudi.  i wonder if i would be impressed if i saw one in real life.  probably not.  just another one of my flaws.

ok, not sure how much longer i'll be doing this... apparently my outlook isnt working at work.  it means i can't work as effectively as i normally would be during a superbowl.

oh.  hm.  what is this movie?  rdj chris cell phone dude.  samuel l.  scarlett.  the avengers.  so basically a movie with a bunch of pretty people.  i'll go to it.  i love this woman's black dress.  super hot.  i'm ...

lol.  i was going to write about that other commercial but i just busted out laughing at this skechers commercial.  i dont know why mark cuban is in it, but the dog wiht the shoes was cute.  i'm not sure we're actually going faster with k at the remote.  we seem to keep going backwards to rewatch the beginning of the commercial.

ugh.  now i'm annoyed that i cant connect to work.

fight! fight! fight!


ok i paused for a while.  now its the halftime show. 

hmmm... why is she the halftime act? 

i like the dancing.  ouch.  that looked painful.  its called the dance floor.  and heres whats in store.  do we think she's actually singing?  and is that the vogue magazine?  i wonder if they had to get permission to use that.  rita hayward gave good face.

i wonder how many concerts she has ever done.  and is this the biggest?  it might not be.

i really dont love this music makes the people come together song.

ok, that whole walk on the people dancing thing was pretty cool.  ouch.  is he jumping on a WIRE?  crazy.  i hope he's ok.  ok,  he's cool.  wild hair.  oh is this lmfao?  hmm... who are they?  i wonder how many times they practiced this whole routine. 

ohhh... i'm sexy and i know it guys.  ok.  i like that song.  yeah, madonna, we get that you're fit.  another wardrobe malfunction.

nicki minaj is there.  ok, thats gives me a bit more ... whatever thats called.  i'm more impressed.

what is this song?  i havent heard it.  give me all your love?  i like nicki minaj.

oh and ceel o!  i like him too

life is a mystery.

oh wow.  madge has had some work done. 

i have a coworker at the game.  i wonder if she has one of those light things on.

ok, that was a cool disappearing act for her.  i am more impressed than i have been in a long time.  ok, end of part 1.  not sure i fthere will be a part 2 o rnot...

and to end, here is a fun new video by ok go from bostinno


  1. This is hilarious!

    (Erin's ad = corvette and refrigerator)

    There is a strange yellow stain on my living room rug (mustard I think) and Tom Brady is still not ugly.

  2. video is not working.

    who were kc cheering for?

  3. kc were cheering for hometown team the pats.

    thanks for pointing out the video didnt work. i think it does now.

    k - was the mustard from me?? i hope not! if so, sorry!