Sunday, February 12, 2012

better things

greetings interweb.  greetings from columbus, in fact.  normally i dont write and post, but i think i am going to right now (unless i get distracted which is about 86% possible).  i am here for work.  got here yesterday because tickets from sun-wed were $1100 and sat - wed were $500.  figured i could save my company a dime or two, so might as well come early.  aside from my room not being ready when i checked in (at 3:45, AFTER the 3pm checkin, mind you) and having to call housecleaning to have them re-clean both the shower AND the bath (hairs, eww), everything has been really good.  i got some tuna from downstairs and ate that in my room with my free wine vouchers that they gave me since i had to wait for my room.  i did a TON of cards and did quite a bit of work work while i watched snl.  it was a pleasant evening overall.

today i had a haircut, here it is:

but that doesnt really show the color.  here it is:

and then met alice's parents who are in town visiting her.  we went to get jenis ice cream and that was good.  then we stopped at a few stores and now i'm back in my room painting.  i think i am going to paint something for alice.  if she likes it she can have it.  if not, no biggie.

here it is so far:

i'm waiting for it to dry a bit before i paint the bottles.  i'm copying a calendar picture, so its not like i just made this idea up.  i'll take a picture of it when its done and post it here no matter what it looks like.

tonight alice is coming over and we'll have some thai food and each do some work while the grammys are on in the background.  oh, i have an AWESOME room.  i'll take pics and post them for tomorrow maybe... its a sweet suite.  ha ha.  easy grammatical joke.  layUP.

i'm here until wed for work.  tomorrow i have a lot of non-ohio-related meetings which is always difficult when you're at some other clients' office to work on a different client.  tuesday should be easy and then wed some other peeps are coming for some meetings.  should be good.  v-day in c-bus.  oh!  i bought a cbus tshirt today.  its cute.  i wonder if it fits.  ha!  i should try that.  i will not be doing anything on tues night, which is 100% fine.  actually, i just looked at my planner and am planning on working that night.  fun fun!

ok, so thats all i've got. going back to finish painting.  how was your weekend?

[song by sharon jones and the dap-kings.  AWESOME.  check them out.  i love them.  her.  them.  whatever.]


  1. It was good. Friday I stayed in and didn't do anything. Saturday, I went to the Golf Bubble and played on simulator with Jon and dad. Dad I went to the Gastropub and he kicked my butt in billiards. Then we met mom at Rhombus for dinner. Sunday, I went over to mom and dad's. I did laundry and watched golf. We played some whist once Jon got there and he brought over some ribs that he made. They were good.

  2. I did some of those things Eric did. The ribs I made were ok. I know what I can do to improve them for next time though.