Tuesday, January 17, 2012

what would you do-o-o for a kit kat bar?

argh!  its tuesday (kind of like monday since i didnt work yesterday) and i didn't get enough done at the weekend!!!  ugh!

i was going to try to see my little tonight, but now i'm not sure i will be able to... i have painting homework (still need to write about that - der!) and will probably be at work late.  the rest of the week:  wed is painting, thur is platelets, fri is movie and dinner and sat is art class.  sun i head to the west coast for 10 days.  argh!  maybe i shouldn't do platelets this week...?  idk... i've been up for about an hour (its 630) and should have done yoga.  i think i'll go do that now and then shower and head to work.  so much to do!  so little time!!  i'd also love to clean my closet before i leave on my trip...

so this was an interesting photo.  found here.

what do you think?

also, what should i do about seeing my little this week...?