Wednesday, January 4, 2012

things that are making me happy

while i was home, i went to a blenders concert.  i can't even begin to explain everything about the blenders. they are a group from fargo.  they were originally a cappella.  acapela.  no.  acappella?  you get what i'm saying.  back in the day when where in the world was carmen san diego rockapella was big, they were big in the midwest.  one of them (ryan) was my dance teacher in 4th grade and i would go see them wherever i could.  i LOVED them.  anyway, when i was home i saw them.  it was cool.  it was a bit more religious than my preference.  but it brought back a lot of memories and was fun.  i went with my parents and we had a nice date.

here is a video of them:

what is actually making me happy, though, is that my little brother went, too.  (with someone else) and he then sent them an email and they wrote back!  both emails are making me super happy.  so here they are:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: The Blenders <>
Date: Tue, Dec 27, 2011 at 8:33 AM
Subject: Re: Hey fellas


Thanks so much for the kind words. We glad you enjoyed the show. And all of those songs you mentioned have a very special place on our hearts. Don't know if we'll be performing them anytime soon, but nice to know people are still enjoying them.

Thanks again and happy new year!

The Blenders

On Dec 15, 2011, at 11:26 PM, wrote:

Dear Blenders,

I literally just got home from your Chirstmas show over at the Fargo Theater. It was fantastic!

I'm writing you because I started listening to you guys back when i was 8 or so (maybe I was 10). You guys are an absolutely amazing harmonizing group and I love it. BUT.... I've never had the opportunity to see a concert of yours where you played all your old songs that I thought were (and still are) amazing; You, The Girl was Mine, Gray Matters, Don't Worry, Be Happy, Charlie Anyboy, Summer Sounds, Tasty Tasty Tasty, 60 Minute Man, Get Ready, Together, Drive By... I mean all of these are just awesome.

If you guys are ever going to do a concert featuring songs from your first couple albums, I will do anything I can do to see it. I think it could be a great show to have in Fargo somewhere.
(I hope it happens soon because you guys had mentioned that you almost didn't do the Christmas show this year)

Happy Holidays,