Tuesday, January 10, 2012

some say that we are pawns

i'm worn out.  i was at work for 15 hours yesterday.  fifteen hours.  it was tiring.  i had to go in early to do my expense reports (don't get me started) and stayed late to have a conference call at 7pm.  i got a lot done and am happy for that, but when i woke up this morning i thought "i'm ready for the weekend."  and i am.  which is funny because its not like i did anything big on the weekend!

last week was super busy.  i had an all day offsite meeting on wed.  after that we had a dinner at a restaurant that was quite good, but we were out late.  and lots of red wine.  thursday was another day of all-day meetings and then the company party.  out late again.  more red wine.  (i'm getting smart and sticking to one drink)  on friday, i had a few coworkers in town from overseas and i suggested we go for a quiet, small dinner so that the three of us wouldn't go back to our beds and sleep too early.  we ended up leaving work around 7, walking to one hotel and then here to drop things off.  then we had a drink here which made people perk up, i think.  then we went to the gallows and had delicious food and more drinks.  then we went to franklin cafe where they kicked us out at like 245.  oops.  another late night.  i was in bed on saturday until 1.  my coworkers felt much more ill than i because they finished my drink at the last place.  i, wisely, stopped.  i was forced to take a shot of fernet, though.  who actually LIKES fernet??  thats crazy.  ugh.

on saturday i saw the girl with the dragon tattoo.   i keep wanting to write dragoon.  like rangoon or something.  the girl with the dragoon tattoo.  anyway, have you seen it?  have you read the books?  i have read the first two books and seen the first two swedish movies.  this movie was way better.  its super dark and i loved the style, BUT... go with low expectations.  i'd hate for someone to expect it to be great and then be disappointed.  just plan to be entertained.  and keep in mind its dark.

sunday i didnt do much which kind of sucked.  i hate sundays.  ugh.  i did do yoga at 330, which was good and then met a coworker for dinner at stephis.  it was good and i'm glad we went out.

i have no plans tonight except tomorrow night i have class at 745, so i suspect i will try to leave work early tonight since i will be there late tomorrow.

no real other plans this week.  still need to figure out my closet, but i've gotten the main thing off my back: expense reports.  they only took me 6+ hours.  ugh.  dred.  dread, i mean.  maybe a movie.  yeah, i'd like to see another movie.

ok, gotta get to work.

no idea why, but i woke up with this song in my head:

did this song come out in the us?  it was big in france when i lived there.  no idea how it got into my head...


  1. Sunday night. Golden Globes. My place. Red wine.
    Poof! You have weekend plans.

  2. I don't think I have ever heard that song before. I'll be in the old home town this weekend. I think we are going to have a good turnout at the Team Vicki benefit!