Sunday, December 11, 2011

you're not up to going

if all goes as planned (why wouldnt it??) i am currently in the air flying back from nola to bos. i think the airport code is msy or mcy or something. i can never keep that one and orlando (mco?) correct. they're both stupid. anyway, i am writing this on friday morning where 1) i have been "up" since my alarm went off at 4 am so i could clean my room and pack 2) am procrastinating packing by writing this. i am off to nawleans today to visit kevy-wevy who turned 30 yesterday. AND i just so happen to be (close to) qualifying for delta platinum and will certainly qualify for hyatt diamond this weekend. on my first flight to far next weekend i will qualify for platinum for delta, but i needed this trip to nola to get me there before the end of the year. see?? no, last-minute travel and wasted flights!

so yeah, the cleaning of the room and wrapping of the gifts to send to ireland are soooo not happening. last night i, as per usual, could not think of anything to eat. mom suggested salmon so i stopped at stephanie's to get a DELICIOUS salmon with root vegetables (i actually like beets thanks to higgi!) and some ruffage. higgi and i watched nikita (3 episodes! but geesh, we still have 3 left before they pick up again) and i went to bed near to 11. alarm at 4am was too early, so i reset it for 5 am thinking i could sleep. of course i couldnt, so that was annoying. i got up at 5 and did yoga (woo hoo!). i just took a shower, but i am so tired. and i'm meant to party all weeekend in nola. i'm not sure how i will be able to handle it. which is why i am writing sundays post now. then i can just sleep on my flights on sunday. :) oh! and get THIS. i am not going to bring my laptop. how crazy is that ??? i am going to attempt JUST the ipad. and i pod. and cell phone. and blackberry. and maybe the work laptop. no. not the work laptop. i need to limit myself.

i've been upgraded from atl to bos on sunday. thats nice. no upgrade today, though. that is not so nice. i could go for some comfy seats and a glass of wine while heading down south. i do have drink tickets, though. so i guess thats ok.

ok, i raelly need to get going. i have a TON of things to do. AND i have to go to work today! gaw!!

oh wait. but its sunday. ha. what did you do all weekend? i partied in nola... :)

[lyrics from a song by two door cinema club]

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