Saturday, December 3, 2011

sit down, i've got some bad news, its gonna hurt

ugh! so annoyed! i've been laying in bed for the past half hour thinking "when will my alarm go off??" i have a test today and it will take up 9 hours of my stupid life just to fail, but i can't not go to it, know what i mean? anyway, i finally get up and put my glasses on. its 6:52! my alarm was supposed to go off at 6:06!!! so i look at my phone.... the alarm is set to go off only m-f. how stupid is that??!! so, i've just decided not to shower before my test. ha. who knows? maybe my smell will distract all the others and they'll fail worse than me. it is a bell curve passing, i think... :)

i'm annoyed by this test. annoyed that i havent had time to study for it. annoyed i won't do well. annoyed i didnt MAKE time to study for it. annoyed i even signed up for it - its not at all what i want to do with my career now that i know more about it. annoyed i didnt take this test when i was unemployed and had a ton of time to study. (despite not wanting to do this for work, it still would be nice to have some letters after my name) ugh. and i'm annoyed that the test is 8 hours with a one-hour break and you have to arrive at least an hour before it starts. thats 10 hours out of my day. and higgi is out of town (one of the few times he ever is) and i don't get to hang out at home and make a mess i could never really make. (of course i'll pick it up before he gets home tomorrow morning). and i'm annoyed they won't have lockers for you. so i have to leave my cell phone at home because we just plain can't bring them into the room and i dont want to leave it in my coat pocket. someone could steal it. sigh. today blows.

i was just thinking i should put a video for today because this ramble sucks. and for some reason this is the song i thought of... i have NO IDEA WHY.


  1. I forgot that song -- I recognized the "sit down I've got some bad news - it's gonna hurt" but couldn't place it.