Tuesday, December 27, 2011

sad face :(

i'm actually not really sad.  BUT thinking about christmas being over makes me sad.  :(  so i am going to do my best to prolong the christmas season and feeling.  AT LEAST until new years.  i'm on my way back to boston.  on the plane.  i have less than a half hour until the flight ends.  i really wish my roommate was picking me up at the airport, but i couldnt get a hold of him.  i have FIVE suitcases - 1, 3, and 4 (luggage - i've named them) and my brother's duffle bag (thanks, player - the shoes are in the crawl space.  they were big).  so i have to go directly home with my luggage and then head to work.  i will be super late.  ugh.  tonight i'm donating platelets.  thats red.  therefore christmas.  woo hoo!  hopefully i am not dehydrated or anything.  that sucks.  to prevent that, i have had 2 bottles (mini) of water on my flights.  they are dasani which i HATE AND i hate using plastic bottles.  BUT i figured the platelets were more important.  and so i drank.  ALSO, i'm in first class (YES they have first class on some planes from fargo to msp, which happened today) and purposely didnt have any alcohol.  sad face.

anyway, here are some fab pictures of christmas in fargo.


  1. Ah. Nice pictures. Great memories. Thanks to my entire family for a great Christmas.

  2. I loved Christmas this year! I guess there is something being said for being home around the holidays. I too am sad it's over. Usually I'm happy it's over because it isn't like it used to be but now I'm back and I love it!
    I love the pictures of the stockings. My sister made James and Jeffrey each one for Christmas! It's a tradition seeing as your mother made ours when we were kids. Neat, huh?