Sunday, December 25, 2011

don't repeat that!


its christmas day.  pleasant day in fargo.  my parents, brother and i are watching bridesmaids (a gift i got yesterday - woo hoo!) and...

ok, so i started that earlier today and was given looks of death by my family to not type during the movie. so i stopped.  its 9 hours later and we're watching the marinovich project.  interesting stuff.  i actually really like athletic "documentaries."  one of the favorite videos of in our house going out was a larry bird story that my dad had on vhs in the 80s.  "indiana's got a new state bii-ird!"

anyway, today has been great.  i would've liked to have been slightly more athletic, but... oh well.

opened gifts yesterday - our tree looked beautiful!  homie and lindsay and gma and aunt lucy where here. we had standard xmas dinner - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, asparagus, fruit salad, croissant rolls (crescent really), etc.  then we opened gifts and mom brought the ladies home.  the 4 of us kids played dixit (which eric got for xmas) and then when mom came home she played with us.  j and l left when it was quite late - they went to voss today for xmas.  eric and i tried to figure out 7 wonders, but it was tough.  so we went to bed.  this morning, eric and i opened santa's gifts - fun! - and then we watched bridsemaids.  since then, eric and i have figured out 7 wonders which is, potentially, my favorite game now.  better than settlers.  better than ticket to ride.  better than dixit.  so fun.  we played 3 rounds - mom, eric and i.  we're winding down for the night.  i have a ton of stuff to pack so will start doing that today because i need to make sure i can get all my stuff back to boston - eek!  i got upgraded already, so i get 3 suitcases, which i will def need.  i just need to figure out how to get from the airport to work with my luggage.  perhaps i take a cab directly to the apartment, drop off the luggage and then head to the office...?  that might be easiest...

anyway, how was your xmas?

[quotation from bridesmaids]

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