Wednesday, December 21, 2011


so my trip in fargo has been fun so far.  super busy and i wish i had a bit more time to do random stuff (finish some xmas cards, do my financial planning for next year, apply for goes, etc), but overall its been good.

monday i had lunch with kj.  it was good - always fun to catch up for an hour or two every 4-5 months!  we went to this african restaurant which, while the food was good, was a very very ... inexperienced "american" restaurant.  the waiter didn't know half the dishes - he had difficulty explaining things, they were out of some things and their menu was like... 10 items.  again, none of this was horrible, but if they want to expand beyond the typical african customer base (which i can imagine is a finite number in fargo), they might want to expand a bit.  the main point of this is that i was late to pick kj up because i kind of bumped my brothers car when leaving the garage.  no damage!  but it was his fault - he parked crooked.  :)  (he's going to get upset - i know it wasn't his fault!)  so i got to kj's house late and then we took off for the restaurant.  we got there probably 12:22 or so.  this accident happened at the exact intersection where we had lunch (we ate in a resto at that intersection - we didnt eat on the street!).

apparently the person ran a red light.  i haven't heard any other updates about who hit who, but it looked like a MASSIVE accident.  i hope everyone was ok.  unless they're a child molester or something.  then i hope they aren't ok.

last night, homie, player, and my father went to j. edgar.  we met up with our cousin's sister (not related to us) and friend of the family, emily.  she is SO CUTE!  i just adore her.  so the 5 of us sat and watch this movie and it might just be the worst movie i've seen all year.  i think i liked sucker punch even more than this.  we were kind of in the front row with 3 rows of people behind us.  i dont know what the people behind us thought of the movie, but i'm sure they could tell we hated it.  we were quiet, but our physical movements (throwing hands in the air, sighing, slumping over, laughing at each other, etc) could tell we could not wait for the movie to get over.  at the end, homie started clapping and yelled "finally!  we can go home!"  everyone laughed.  have you seen this?  what did you think??

anyway, after that we went to rhombus guys which is a pretty cool new pizza place in fargo.  i really really enjoyed it.  good food.  wide variety of beer.  cool menu.  they even have wood chipper beer.  how cool is that??

ok, i'm off to do yoga, run errands, shower, finish xmas cards, etc.  not necessarily in that order... what are you doing before this weekend??

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