Friday, October 28, 2011

in the airport lounge

remember last summer when i lied and said i was going to DC to visit my friend gidget and then really went to fargo to surprise my father for his 60th birthday? well, this time i no lie. i'm on my way to reagan to see gidge and moondoggie and cloud 9 (the new baby). i'm currently in the delta lounge and its fun. well fun because there is wine and food and free internet (which i guess is in my loung fee). so thats the plan for the weekend.

because i'm keepin' it short, and because i basically LOVE the mention of north dakota, here is a fun infographic for you. from here. btw, screen junkies are probably my FAVORITE website these days.

so what about you? did you have netflix? did you change your plan? what do you think of it all?


  1. Loyal Netflix customers since it began. Quite possibly their first customers.
    We had nothing BUT Netflix forthe first 9 months of this year.
    Alas, will probably drop it entirely now that we have Direct TV.
    Not because of their business "acumen". More because their selection of movies literally leaves far too much to be desired.

  2. i pretty much only used the streaming service, so that's what i stayed with. It didn't bother me much the whole saga but I understand people's frustrations.